Say Hello to Fun with Hello Books

For most kids, books are unfortunately tedious and boring stuffs that they have to live with. Getting through a story can be a challenge, especially with the many texts covering a page without a single, happy illustration. Well, Karma Kiss understands not all kids are bookworms, but we could give them a proper head start by giving them tales that will inspire them to read.

Karma Kiss’ collection of Hello Books is perfect for the children who aren’t much interested in words. In these pages, we’re replacing the normal text into a plain canvass where kids can use their imagination and create their own stories. Young minds will be honed to draft a personalized adventure, all equipped with the characters and foes, even settings, to have them furnish their own book. This way, they don’t have to be scared reading tales, but will allow them to see the fun in this activity.

Hello Books are packed with a DIY Book Kit that is opened like an accordion. The children will be surprised to see blank pages, but will be excited once you mention they will build the story themselves. Stickers are included to punch in those characters and let them tell their own tale.

We have versions for young boys and young girls, and we’re quite sure they’ll love it so much, they’d want to ask more. Perhaps they have another in mind! Who knows, maybe your child will turn out to be one of the greatest authors in his generation!

Spot this item in our store. It comes with a mechanical robot adventure, a pretty princess’ journey, and a tale about tasty cupcakes!

PS: This fun item isn’t just good for your child’s imagination, it’s environment friendly too! The pages are made with FSC Certified recycled paper, which means no harm is done to Mother Nature while creating this charming book.

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