Karma Kiss Apparels

Karma Kiss takes the most gifty things imagined right into your closet. As unique as the other variety of items found in the store, these apparels will surely delight every wearer and make anyone’s head turn. Starting off with curious animal head hoodies, sublime hats and toddler trends, Karma Kiss is your one-stop shop for quirky and curious clothing. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Kamkam Kitty Cat Face & Tail Hoody. Female cat lovers will definitely love this fashionable feline-inspired wear. This cozy hoody is embellished with a funny cat face and is complete with ears, nose and whiskers. And best of all, it comes with a swinging tail, drawn on the back side. This sweat comes in various adult sizes and is packaged in a special gift bag.
  • Pets Newsboy Hat Brown Dog. A forever favorite, this elegant topper is just the thing to present to your old man. This is especially perfect for the canine chum, as this color is inspired from the brown dog. They can wear this on their favorite past time, whatever it is, wherever they are, and still look stylish. The sides are also interchangeable (Beige is the color of the other side) to go along with your man’s mood.
  • Toddler Ballerina Tee Shirt. What does your little girl wants to be when she grows up? A ballerina of course! It’s a given that every girl wants to pretend like a graceful Swan Princess and dance around with their tutus. However, this cute little shirt isn’t something like a costume—she can play and dance around in it wherever she is. Another factor to consider—it’s pink! And every girl loves pink!
  • Little Lark Infant (6-12 mo) Bodysuit – Build a Bot. Let your toddler look amazingly trendy with this charming bodysuit. Perfect for the little gents, this clothing is designed with a robot ready to rock! It is made out of 100% cotton so parents don’t have to worry about comfort. The silk screen image is also lead-free.

This is our awesome list of favorites, but the items presented are just a few of the oh-so-many things you’ll find in Karma Kiss! Plus, we’re constantly on the lookout for new and novel items to furnish your wardrobe. Check out Karma Kiss’ Apparel section for more.

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