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I’m Hannah and I write for The Hip Horticulturist blog for online shed retailer Tiger Sheds. I write about all sorts of different topics but one of my favourite things to discuss is how our customers can transform their sheds.

Recently we produced a post focusing on how people can reinvent their shed for 2016 and within this post I mentioned a Karma Kiss product, Toadstool table & Stool Set, as a way people can reinvent their décor. I just love this product and I think it would make any garden look like a dream!

So after having a good look through the Karma Kiss website we came across so many more products that would make a perfect gift for people who love their garden and nature!

Maybe you have a birthday or special occasion coming up for your wife, husband, friend or parent and want to surprise them with something they will love?

If so, then then check out the Tiger Sheds best buys below and prepare to be filled with so much inspiration you may even treat yourself to something new…go on you deserve it!

Of course this is in no particular order as everything is so brilliant and unique.


LED Nightlight Woodland Twilights Hedgehog – This is such a cute gift for someone who is obsessed with their garden and maybe always stumbling over in the dark? It can be used in the home but we think it would work perfectly inside someone’s garden shed as well!

Black Sparrow/White House Key Ring and Key Holder

Black Sparrow/White House Key Ring and Key Holder – This may not be something that belongs physically outside but it’s definitely a gift that a garden lover would appreciate, and at such a good price! Lovely product.

   Petals Trinket Dish Squirrel

Petals Trinket Dish Squirrel – Yet another stunning gift idea for people who loves their garden and nature! If your special person has a shed then this could make a creative piece of décor, otherwise it would work perfectly inside the home.

Key Keeper Garden Critter Turtle

Key Keeper Garden Critter Turtle – This would make a wonderful gift for someone who constantly loses their keys and animals. Such a cute little ornament but yet a very useful hiding place…

Peek-A-Boo Garden Critter 3Pc Set

Peek-A-Boo Garden Critter OK these are so cute I want one! What a nice gift, it would definitely bring a smile to someone’s face!

Humble Gnome Mug

Humble Gnome Mug – Looking for an extra bit of something? This gnome mug would be adored by someone who loves their garden and maybe even has their own gnome collection going in their garden?


Grow it! Roses – Rather than buying someone roses why not give them the joy of planting, watering and growing their very own! I love this gift and think it’s unique and special.

Gardentude Solar Light Raccoon

Gardentude Solar Light Raccoon How cool is this racoon? Not only will give you more light in your garden but it’s also awesome and looks ace in any garden! The perfect gift for someone who has a good sense of humour!

Blue Jay Bird Shelf Decor

Blue Jay Bird Shelf Décor – Simple. Modern. Kind of quirky. Love this and I think nature lovers will also cherish it. I think it would look sensational inside a garden shed or the home!

Peeking Bird Toothbrush Stand - Green

Peeking Bird Toothbrush Stand – How cute is this as an extra little something? For people who love nature, especially bird lovers, this is the perfect present. Plus, I think that this would look so adorable in a bathroom.

Overall Karma Kiss is filled with so many beautiful and unique gifts for all different kinds of people, even garden lovers.


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