National Siblings Day: 9 Awful Things to Apologize for Doing to Your Siblings



Today is brought to you by the number 9. Insert Sesame Street Count cackles as you count down the awful, apology-requiring things you did to your sibling. Your nine-year-old brother. The nine times you tattled on your brother during summer vacation. The nine times you stole the last cookie. Despite the fact that you did all these awful things (and more) to your sibling(s), they still love you. And you should tell them how much you love them – But after you apologize first!

9. Tattling. The sibling power struggle makes telling on a sibling to mom one of the top 9 awful things. Sometimes tattling backfired and you both got in trouble but it is one of those awful things that gave you some momentary power.
8. Eating the last cookie. No explanation needed. Apologize for not sharing!
7. Getting more stuff. Whether it is grandma or mom or aunt, there are holidays and birthdays where you just got the better gift or the bigger piece of pie.
6. Breathing on them. There are some days that even the breath of a sibling is offensive.
5. Touching them. Even one finger or a toe that has crossed the invisible backseat car dividing line can be grounds for immediate apology. If the apology wasn’t given in a fast enough way, number 4 can break out without warning.
4. Fighting with them/causing an injury. Tickle fight gone bad? Wrestling in front of Saturday morning cartoons end up with a bruised ego and scratched arm? Siblings fight hard. But love harder.
3. Being born. Whatever place you hold in the birth order, by the very nature of you being born–you should apologize. An older sibling has to deal with a super-cute baby and if your sibling was the baby and you took over that spot, that may merit the ultimate apology.
2. Being alive. There isn’t a sibling that didn’t wish their brother or sister had been adopted out or was just gone (at least for one moment). The next minute might bring reconciliation and a popsicle party but recovering from number 4 can be hard to do.
1. Being mom’s favorite. This goes without saying that it should be top of the needs-an-apology list. Even if you were only mom’s favorite for 5 minutes in 3rd grade, you still were the winner of mom love all by yourself.
What awful things do you need to apologize for to your siblings on National Siblings Day?


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