Halloween Treats from KarmaKiss

Halloween is a special time of the year for yummy treats, spooky decorations, and creative costumes. With haunted houses and fun hayrides, the holiday is full of terror and amusement. Almost every house in the neighborhood hands out chocolate and gummies for Fright Night.

This year, you can be the coolest stop on Halloween by passing out toys instead of candy. KarmaKiss offers hundreds of unique gifts and gadgets for the night before (Mischief Night) and Halloween itself. Here are some fun and safe ideas for toys from KarmaKiss:

Noodle Balls make great toys for kids of all ages. They are small enough to pass out to trick-or-treaters on Halloween night. Colorful noodle balls are squishy, wiggly, and soft. Kids will love to throw them, and noodle balls will be one of the most wanted treats this holiday.

Like Noodle Balls, Atom Wonderballs are colorful and make great toys for Halloween. The confetti moves inside when the balls bounce really high. Kids will love to toss, throw, and bounce them wherever they go.

At KarmaKiss, you can order atom wonderballs in a set of two, which makes them easy to pass out to all the trick-or-treaters.

For the little princesses and fairies, Polka Dot Candy Lip Gloss is a perfect treat on Halloween! They look like pieces of wrapped candy and have yummy lip gloss inside. Polka dot candy lip glosses comes in a variety of colors and brighten up any outfit. They taste better and last longer than a real piece of candy, too!

These are just a few of the wonderful ideas for treats to hand out on Halloween night. Don’t stick to traditional candy bars and small bags of treats; you can have fun with creative goodies that stay fresh and fun long after Halloween! You can find these and many more gifts plus home décor at KarmaKiss.

Thanks to Free Flower for sharing Halloween Monsters.

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