Sneaking into the Halloween Season

Halloween is right around the corner and the little ones (and a few adults as well) will soon embark on the traditional odyssey of candy collection.  Honestly, there are few pursuits that are more enjoyable than dressing up in fun costumes and going door to door collecting delectable treats from the neighbors.

Hold That Thought (and the Treats)

But here’s a thought!  While we take the time to purchase adorable costumes and other Halloween accessories, what about the most important item of all – the bag that is used to carry all the candy?  This is not an accessory that you want to leave to chance or relegate to just any old bag.

No, you need to have a carrying apparatus that is appropriate for the occasion.  Fortunately, KarmaKiss carries an assortment of fun bags and backpacks that are ideally suited for collecting and storing Halloween treats.

Bags with a little Extra Fun

In fact, the Eco Snoopers – Yippee-Yi Horse Plush Duffel Bag is a perfect example of what we are talking about.  This fun and colorful duffel bag is much more than a convenient place to store Halloween treats, though it does this very well.  Bags from the Eco Snoopers line feature a cute stuffed animal that can be detached.

When placed with the bag itself, the stuffed animal – in this case, an adorable horse named Yippee-Yi, adds a nice decorative flare.  The idea behind the Eco-Snoopers line is to increase environmental awareness, so there’s an educational backstory that comes with your stuffed animal as well.

Of course, with Halloween on our mind, you should be aware that this terrific bag features plenty of storage space in its main compartment.  And with fully adjustable shoulder straps, this bag is ready to travel with trick-or-treaters of any age and have a lasting purpose well beyond Halloween.

Quit Horsing Around? Dinosaurs!

If Halloween inspired cute horses are not exactly what you are looking for, then you can opt for something a little bit more contemporary – well sort of anyway.  After all, what can be more appropriate for Halloween than a dinosaur motif?

It just so happens that KarmaKiss has an assortment of MadPax Dinosaur Spikes Backpacks.  Young children and adults alike have an affinity for this particular brand.  The backpack, which comes in an assortment of colors – including lime, features realistic dinosaur spikes that protrude from the packs exterior.

Roaring Fun with Scaly Packs

Yes, really! Plus, with a large interior compartment and two additional exterior pockets, there is plenty of room for Halloween treats.  Naturally, once your night of trick-or-treating is complete, your MadPax Dinosaur Spikes backpack is still available for other uses.

And with its durable polyurethane material design, this pack is made to be used.  From school supplies to odds and ends that need to be carried, the MadPax Dinosaur Spikes backpack is perfectly suited to get the job done – in dinosaur fashion!

Beyond Cute and Cool: Style

On the other hand, dinosaurs and cute horses aside, perhaps you are looking for something that is stylish and subtle.  Not to worry, because Karmakiss has ALL your accessory needs covered.  In this case, there is the Pets@Work Classic Tote Grey Dog.

When there is a need to pack up some stuff and go, this item is ideally suited.  Made from 100% cotton and featuring an adorable puppy character (appearing to stick its head out of a side pocket), this tote has plenty of carrying capacity.

In addition to the roomy interior compartment, there are a number of exterior and interior pockets for smaller items (i.e. perfect for lots of candy).  The really great feature about the Pets@Work Classic Tote is that its traditional design and color allows it to be fashionably carried.  Now you can carry your need items in style during Halloween or any other time you are out and about!

Unique Looks and Quality Products

And honestly, where else can you find such terrific accessories that are both stylishly unique and purposeful?  When it comes to needed carrying accessories for Halloween or for any other occasion, KarmaKiss has an assortment of bags, backpacks and totes that is sure to satisfy.

Even more to the point, not only will you find a wonderful item that is sure to garner appreciative attention, but one that is affordable as well.  So, with Halloween fast approaching, this is a perfect opportunity (and excuse) to pick up a new backpack, bag or tote for the occasion and beyond.  Take a moment or two to browse through the large selection of carrying accessories available at KarmaKiss.

Thanks to the City of Marietta, GA for sharing their photo of a Halloween Celebration.

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