Happy Chinese New Year!

The longest and one of the most significant celebration in the Chinese Calendar, our Chinese folks all over the world are celebrating their New Year today! Chinese months are based by the lunar calendar (each month starts on the darkest day where the moon is shines the least)

It’s the Year of the Horse!

In a popular Chinese legend, the deity Buddha has asked all the animals to meet him on the New Year. He named a year after the 12 animals who came, and these years will have some of their particular animal’s characteristics.


How to celebrate with them

Wear red! It’s the luckiest color for the Chinese. Draped with gold and yellow, Red stands for fire, which drives away bad luck. You can also spot some awesome fireworks in a Chinese community (scattered all over the world) finishing off this event. Give them gifts! How about a cute and functional horse memento? On this day, people gift each other with red envelopes containing money. Just make sure you don’t encounter the number 4, it’s bad luck for them. And you wouldn’t want to start the Chinese New Year with a bad luck, would you?

We each have our own beliefs and traditions, but it’s just beautiful to get to know other cultures and how they celebrate. Greet your Chinese friends a happy new year and hope for the best in this Horse-inspired season!

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