Unique Gifting Ideas For Valentine’s Day 2014

Heading our way this winter season is the most heart-warming celebration anticipated by lovers. At this time of the year, flowers surprisingly pop out of the snowy landscapes into the hands of your cherished partner. Boxes of gifts are handed out to those precious people whom you have feelings for. But even if you have no partner, you can still give out something for your loved one this Valentine’s Day! After all, it’s an event emphasizing on love, and we’re pretty much sure everyone has been loved one way or another.

Because you’re giving a gift to a special person, it’s important to find something unique and uncommon. We here at Karma Kiss is giving you a list of unique gifting options you can present to your loved one, and we’re making sure there none of the ordinary! Check this list out!

Switch a bouquet of regular roses for a set Rosebud Lip Balm/Lip Gloss. This box comes with a set of four, dazzling lippies that will make the recipient’s pucker healthy and sweeter. Of course, you may want to kiss those lips too, later on, so this suggestion is win/win!

If she’s a classmate or a colleague, why not confess your feelings in a smart, functional way with these little Be Mine Love Message Erasers? These tiny erasers contain short but sweet messages so you can easily ask him/her out.

For a couple, nothing beats having a set of similar mugs to enjoy your early morning coffee with. This set of Love Mugs is more than just a couple item, but it fits together like a tee–just as how you and your partner is. Order this red and white heart cups and enjoy your time together; use it for breakfast, tea time, or just a charming decoration atop your shelf.

Do you want to tell someone how much you love them, but just don’t know how? Write it in a sweet, charming card like our Gift Enclosure Card – Big Love. You can type in the message and we can deliver it to your loved one. At best, pair it with one of our Gift Certificates so that the recipient can choose the right gift for him/her self.

There’s a lot more of these unique items in our store! Check out our archive of lovely, extraordinary items and let your Valentine’s Day gift stand out from the rest!

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