Happy Labor Day!

Enter loud, happy squeal: It’s September! And a whole new month means a whole new anticipation for a whole new bunch of things to come into our lives. And speaking of new things, we mean presents. We mean gifts. We mean being remembered and appreciated and loved. And we at Karma Kiss could not be much happier than whipping you up with the good stuff to gift yourself and your loved ones.

September 1st falls into the day where every employee, boss, freelancer and any kind of worker gets honored; after all, it’s Labor Day! In the span of 365 Days a year, we have one special celebration for everyone who worked for their living, who became their family’s breadwinner, and those who did everything to pursue their dreams into the wide, wide world. You who have toiled for days and nights, had little sleep, had a lot of stress within the workplace; yes, you! You have done well, so far, and we’re wishing you a greater abundance of luck so that you will do better in the coming days.

For the meantime, we think that you might just need a little time for rest and relaxation. And by that, we’ve got a few things in mind to help you take your essential R&R:

It’s a perfect time to BREATHE, says the Alexandra Ferguson Pillow BREATHE Heather Grey / Oatmeal 14″ x 18″ pillow. The highs and lows, the client chase, the panicky deadline; all of those things are enough to take your breath away and leave your heart palpitating with too much worries. But this day, just sit back, smell the roses, and look at the sky. Catch your breath. You’re going to take a deep dive back into the office soon, but as for now, breathe.

Has nobody ever told you you’re awesome? NO? Well, boo them. Because we’re telling you, you’re AWESOME, and this Alexandra Ferguson Pillow AWESOME Stone / Yellow 16″ x 16″ means it. After all, you have worked hard, night and day, keeping all the rent and bills in place for yourself and for your family. You’re a hero to your kids, and you deserve some tribute, and a good pillow to lay your head down.

We also have a blue version of it, just in case you don’t like bright colors: Alexandra Ferguson Pillow AWESOME Cream / Turquoise 16″ x 16″.

More pillows, more gifts and more surprises can be found on Karma Kiss. Oh, and by the way, did you know that we’re offering FREE SHIPPING as of this moment? We’re not telling you the code just yet, but we have no doubt you will uncover it when you visit the store!

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