Bags, Baubles & Books: Back To School 2014-2015

Ah, it’s that time of the year again when kids flock back to school, their bags on their backs while parents see them off (some with tears in their eyes). You can be one of the two: the child that is sent off into a new year of education, or the parent that is sighing, “My, how fast these kids grow up!”

As the summer vacation comes to a close, it’s about time to arm yourself, and your kids, with some nice accessories they will be using for the whole year. Don’t worry. Karma Kiss has you covered. From bags to the tiny bits of accessories (lip balms, anyone), you’ll find everything right inside our store.

We’ll never run out of the good stuff

Need some courage as you go into battling with Algebra and History? Maybe picking up a sword will give you some heart! The Mighty Sword Pens Set Of 4 doubles up as a writing tool, so you can keep your Excalibur close. If you’re on the softer, sweeter side, why not use the  Candy Bar Pens – Set Of 3 as you study? Just remember that even if they dolook like the real thing, they’re notthe real thing; just write, not lick!

Some wise owl is ready to keep you company, and will help you correct your mistakes. The Wise Owl Eraser and Sharpener – Set of 4 is a handy set of accessories which are cunningly cute. Just place these woodland creatures atop your desk and you’ll surely become the envy of your classmates! Add the Bunny Ear Scissors to that, to complete the whole forest themed accessories.

If your Math is too hard for you, this funky little robot will do you good. I know, he looks like a badly scrawled mecha, but he surely works! The Robot Calculator will aid you in getting along that tough subject and will help you be friends with your pluses and minuses!

Looking for a space to write all your thoughts? The Word. Notebook 3 Pack Traditional Camo perks you up as if you’re entering the studying army. The Word. Notebook 3 Pack Red Floral is a sweeter, kitschy-er version of the journal set and is perfect for girls.

How about bags, you say? We’ve got the coolest, cutest, most surprising bags you’ve seen right here on Karma Kiss. School Year 2014-2015 will never be the same if you wear any of these bags, I’m telling you. Take for example the SuperMe Hero Classic Backpack With Cape. This unique bag turns you into a superhero in no time! And your classmates need not to know about your secret identity. If you’re into science and technology, how about taking a look at the Mojo Cockpit Backpack? It’s a refreshing view of the sky behind the dashboard that makes airplanes fly! For the girls, the  Trumpette Large Schlepp Bag Dance Light Pink can contain most of the stuff you need to bring, inside a waterproof, charming little bag. Our special favorite would be the  Baggu Sailor Stripe Recycled Cotton Canvas Eco-Backpack. Whatever your age is, wherever your school is, this bag is the most versatile accessory you’ll bring.

We’ve got a large collection of totes, pouches and bags; go see!

Told you, we’ve got a lot of the good stuff.

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