How to Prioritize Your New Year’s Resolutions

Ahh…Saying goodbye to the year that has passed, and gearing up for the New Year to come. Some of you may be rolling your eyes to the ones that are blasting their perfected resolutions over social media streams, saying to yourself, “Oh,it’s time for that ‘New Year, New Me’ speech again!”. If we all took a little bit of extra time to prioritize, our yearly resolutions are rather quite achievable, and can inspire others to do the same.

 How do you prioritize? Well, how about starting with a manageable list of different priorities you’d like to accomplish for your “new year, new me” mantra?
  1.  1. Take the first step (the action). Nearly everything we do in our lives requires a process. The food we eat, our morning routines, putting a crib together, and anything else you can think of. You start somewhere, and this is typically the reason why resolutions go unaccomplished – The process is avoided all together! Whether taking your first step is waking up an hour earlier than normal to make time for some meditation before you’re off to work, or making that appointment to cross skydiving off your bucket list – Do, and take that action to get the ball rolling.
  2. Make sure that you are speaking, writing, or documenting your resolutions in a positive context, in order to keep in your mind that you will definitely accomplish your goals – For example: I am going to actively try new outdoor adventures, to increase my physical activity and health.When you start to tell yourself, “don’tbe afraid to try new outdoor activity”, the first thought you put into your mind is that you have the option of not following through first.Instead, just stick with, “I will, I do, I am”.
  3.  Be specific when committing to your resolutions. When you order something at a restaurant, you specifically ask for what you want. Simply be specific! If you want to make a big purchase this year, you say, “I will buy a brand new hybrid energy, eco-conscious, four door,silver, sedan before September of this year.” This will be the first step into making your thoughts manifest into your life. When you come around to making that big purchase, look back at your list and see what specifics you accomplished…and appreciate that you manifested this into your life – Period.
 That wasn’t too painful, now was it? Now you can happily get your New Year Resolutions up and running today! Once you’re ready to add more resolutions to your year of greatness, you’ve got a process to successfully make it all happen. Every year that we let go of the previous, and prepare for the next, we are essentially continuing a process – Life! Cheers to everyone,from your Karma Kiss family.

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