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Survival Kit for the New Year

Greetings, friends of Karma Kiss! How did you all enjoy your holiday celebrations? We hope you got everything you wanted this year, but if you didn’t…We’ve got you covered! Our lucky (and loved) team members were gifted a few of Karma Kiss’ awesome selections, for their Christmas gifts this year. Check out some of the essentials on their wishlists, that they needed to be prepared for this New Year of 2015!

  • The Porthole Flask: Who needs overpriced beverages on NYE, when you can carry around 5 oz. of your own choice of alcohol? We’re kidding, but seriously, this flask is essential for when you may need a little liquid courage after a hard day of work, or to simply have a taste of your favorite libation (whenever you want). It’s inconspicuous and sleekly stylish.

Porthole Flask

  • Buddha PensSet of 4: Everyone needs a pen! How will you write down all of those New Year Resolutions without one,and a rather stylish pen that fits your personality the best, at that? Splurge a little, it’s okay to treat yourselves to nice things. These Buddha Pens are firm, and always make us happy with the zen and colorful Buddhas at the top of each pen.

Buddha Pens - Set of 4

  • Twelve Colors Watch: Choose from a versatile set of twelve vibrant time keepers.In an era where time is constantly being checked via smart phones, computer screens, or asking someone else to check their devices for the time, watches are now seen few and far. With these simple and chic watches, you’ll ultimately be able to keep track of your time management, and be that one special person that is asked, “Do you have the time?”, and you can answer, “Why yes, yes I do.”


  • Spa and Herbal  Therapy Huggie Bear: Whether you would like to admit this or not,everyone needs aromatherapy. Smells are a part of our lives, and actually keep us balanced in the most subtle way possible. Did you know that a scent like lavender can give the effect of calmness, rest, and relaxation? Well, this adorable little huggie bear has herbal lavender and buckwheat scents, perfect for your office or for children who may be tired or restless.

  • Bamboo Domino Ecoset:Challenge your brain whenever possible. One of our team members enjoys a simple game of Dominoes every once in a while, especially when they’ve got buddies to hang with on a night spent in. A chic design of bamboo case and domino set makes it easy for when they are on the go, and great to set down anywhere in their home for an accent that fits just about anywhere.


What do you guys consider absolute necessities when it comes to fun, gifty things at Karma Kiss? Make your Survival Kit for the year, and check back with us to get those items shipped out to you for this new year!

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