Product Spotlight: Cute Dogs Luggage Tags

Dogs – Who doesn’t love dogs? Just think of how much you’d miss your little fur friend when you travel without them. That is why Karma Kiss has a pack of six Fluff Cute Dogs Luggage Tags. Fondest memories you’ll always keep of man’s best friend, not to mention a uniquely stylish luggage tag, separating your bags from the other boring ones.

If you travel the way we do, you’d be the first one at baggage claim before the bags even come down the chute. A lot of luggage on those belts are colors that blend right in with each other. Even if your bag isn’t one to stand out, your tag will be the thing that sets your things apart from the others.
Whether you’d like a tag that looks just like your pup, or wish for one that resembles the pup you’ve always wished you had, your possibilities are almost endless!
Need help picking the right tag? Here are some of our favorites, then just maybe you will find the right one for you!
Fluff Cute Dogs Luggage Tag – Dachshund: This little guy is out of the ordinary, but full of extraordinary features. Check out those vibrant colors on the perfect pup, along with the stitching that adds the perfect accent.
Fluff Cute Dogs Luggage Tag – Pink Poodle: How exuberantly sassy this little one is! Can’t get your poodle to rock this kind of fabulous fur-do? Well this little tag will always be neat and clean for when you are on the go.
Fluff Cute Dogs Luggage Tag – Black & White French Bulldog: We don’t know about you guys, but this little guy is our absolute favorite – Have always loved the French Bulldog breed! Quite easy on the eyes with the black and white neutral colors, and a pop of royal blue to catch your eye when picking up your things.
These are just half of our favorites, how did you like them? Check out the other happy bunch of Fluff Cute Dogs Luggage Tags on Karma Kiss if you didn’t find the ones you were looking for here!

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