Into The Great Blue: Karma Kiss’ Summer Mood

Rich, lovely hues of blue will always be a part of our summer season. There’s the blue sky, the blue sea, the blue things which keep our eyes cool whenever the sun gets so bright. Blue is somehow a part of everyone’s favorite colors. Here in Karma Kiss, that is a fact; we’ve got dozens of bluish items that will keep your summer cool!

Below, we’re listing down some of our favorite items in the color of the sky and sea. Whatever kind of blue you love, we’re sure to have them right here in our store. Check out these products!

Blue Dachshund Shelf Decor. Ah, dog days! If you’re a canine lover, this is definitely going to be favorite part of your bookshelf. It can be used as a book stand or just a décor on its own. Just don’t expect it to yap or bark; this kind of dog is thoroughly bred and behaved!

Plush Peepers Sunglasses Mask Blue/Pink. A dash of pink will always make blue stand out. And this is no ordinary eye cover; it’s the kind of peeper that will make you look all cool and summery even while you’re asleep! Wear this while on travel to keep the sun off your eyes when you nod off from that long trip. Or give it to your fashionable kid who wants to be stylish even during bedtime!

BAR10DER All-in-One Home Bartending Tool – Blue. Staying at home during summer? Why not concoct something for a family, something to chill the mood down and refresh them whenever they’re beat out from the heat. This all-in-one bartending tool will surely be of great help to you. Why, nobody thought you can be that capable barista who can make awesome drinks!

Wheel Brightz Bicycle Wheel LED Lights Cool Blue. Night has fallen and you still want to ride your bike. Of course, you want to be safe on the streets, especially knowing that there’s a lot of drivers who wants to have their way along the road. This LED light for your wheel can surely alert anyone whenever you’re passing by. And since it’s in the color of icy blue, they won’t be too much alarmed by your presence.

Trumpette Large Schlepp Bag Swim Light Blue. Going for a dip? Make sure you pack everything in a water-resistant bag, like this schlepp bag. And it plainly states what you’re going to do: SWIM. Nothing can be cooler than statement bags.

Love what we listed? We’ve got a lot more blue things to fit your mood board. Check out our cool stuff here on Karma Kiss >>

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