Karma Kiss’ Gifting Guide For Men

It’s not so surprising that the men in our lives are always among the hardest to shop for, especially when it comes to Christmas gifts. Unlike women, men can be so secretive about what they want. They might have gone out and purchased whatever they liked throughout the year, such as investing in power tools or gadgets. Or what they really longed for really needs some long-term investment, like a new car. It’s hard to choose presents for them, especially when you’re not sure.

However, there are some things you can do to guarantee that the present you’ll buy will hit your man’s soft spot. Take cues from their hobbies and interests. Thinking outside the box will definitely surprise them in a positive way, and you can enjoy bequeathing a lovely present for him to remember of you.

You’re just in luck; Karma Kiss is your best source for unique gifty things. And within our digital shelves, you’re sure to find something that will tug your man’s heart. He may be your dad, your husband, your boyfriend, your son, your best friend or a cousin; whatever his place in your life is, we have something to suit his wants and needs!

Below are five suggestions you can give to that special man in your life:

  1. BAR10DER All-in-One Home Bartending Tool – Gray. Every man gets enthusiastic in making alcoholic concoctions to impress their family and friends. Give him the right tool to become a perfect bartender with this all-in-one tool!
  2. Mustache Dad Coffee Mug. Nothing beats a dad’s mug, especially this one—with the moustache on! Squeeze in a handful of chocolates inside the mug, or a pack of his favorite coffee, wrap it and ribbon it up.
  3. Alchemy Goods Jackson Eco Vegan Wallet – Silver. For the classy worker, why not give him a beautiful, eco-friendly wallet from Alchemy Goods? If you’re giving this gift to a cousin, you may want to stash a few bills to get his earning—or spending—started.
  4. Not Very Dangerous Tool Pens. Each handyman needs the right set of tools for work, and for writing! These set of tools are made for paper, not wood or steel. But it’s a quirky way to show how much you appreciate those DIY repairs your guy has done to your home.
  5. Remake It! Bottle Lamp. A nice way to give a resourceful recycling representative, this Remake It! set allows one to turn old bottles into a nice lamp you can use to decorate your home with.


We’ve got a lot more gifts waiting to be unraveled in our store! Visit Karma Kiss’ Gifts For Men Category to see the whole collection >>

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