Product Spotlight: Melting Snowman

Snowmen are in this season; we’ll be seeing more of them this winter as the snow piles up on our backyard during the frosty, cold days. Each of us are armed with a carrot, a pair of buttons and dead tree branches as we sculpt these creatures out of the snow. Winter is never complete without them!

But just like seasons, the existence of these snowmen are as fleeting as their material. When the sun’s radiance shines with all its warmth, our well-sculpted species melt and clump down. The good thing is, while there’s still snow, we can rebuild and rebuild them again.

If you’re too tired or too cold to go out to enjoy making a snow man, our Melting Snowman is just the right present for you. The little white frost is actually made out of polymer. However, it melts and morphs into a little white puddle over the table. But don’t fret; since you created them with your bare hands, you can re-create it once more again. Use the silicone putty, and put back that pair of eyes, the hat and scarf into another snowman.

Enjoy the feeling of having a pint-sized frosted companion in your home. Your kids will surely love using their creativity in this little play!

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