Karma Kiss’ Top 10 Bestsellers

For any longtime Karma Kiss fan, going through our catalog can be an excitingly overwhelming experience. We are aware that your ‘add to wishlist’ button is on a flutter whenever you spot something cool in our store. It’s our pleasure to give you a treat or two by connecting you with some of the best gifty brands there is. Karma Kiss is proud to have these items in our catalogue, but mostly, proud to have you as our regular customer!

In this post, we bring you the most-loved 10 items in our store. With a lot of items featured and added daily in our Karma Kiss database, it’s really hard to pick a favorite. So how did we came up with our Top 10 bestseller, you may ask? Well, we based it on the sales, product views, social feedbacks and votes. YOU chose them, simply put. Is your favorite within the top spot? Well, take a look!


  1. Remake It! Wine Cork Trivet. This takes our top spot, surprisingly! After popping up a wine bottle’s cover, wouldn’t you like to set it aside and have it put to good use? This DIY Trivet Kit lets you enjoy the fun of crafting your own trivet while saving corks for a much pleasant purpose!
  2. Toadstool Table & Stools Set. We definitely love this furniture; a little wonderland meant to decorate a whimsical garden or a patio. Your children will love playing around the mushroom chairs, as if it grows really that big, and enjoy a world of their own in a Wonderland right inside your home.
  3. Elephant Paper Shredder And Pencil Sharpener. Your bulky desk companion that works in two effective ways, there’s no surprise why this shredder + sharpener is in the Top 10. Why, who wouldn’t love having dull leads sharpened up and unwanted sheets (receipts and all those things you want to hide away) stripped to pieces?
  4. Spiral Wire Photo Holder. A little garden of photo holders, this quaint set is a nice way to spice up your desk without cluttering frames.
  5. Spa And Herbal Therapy Huggie Bear. Everybody loves a hug, especially with this herbal therapy Huggie bear! Other than a good cuddle, this little buddy releases a relaxing scent that calms you down and makes you feel refreshed. A nice item to fill our 5th spot!
  6. BAR10DER All-in-One Home Bartending Tool – Green. Green is in, especially if it works 10 ways for you to create the perfect cocktail. Be the best bartender around with this all in one mixing, stirring and combining concoctions!
  7. Sweet Tooth Cookie Jar. This little toofis too amazing to be hidden under a pillow for your Tooth Fairy to snag. It’s so big you can fill it with cookies! Lots of cookies, I may say.
  8. Hand Tool Pens – Set Of 4. For the handyman who loves to write, this set of pens belong right in your toolbox. In our 8th place is a collection of writing materials fit for the jack of all trades who can handle any repair errand thrown at him.
  9. Flip Top Light Up Watch – Frog. For the kids who love to croak, I mean, clock, this little watch is a nice thing to wear. The bright green color sparks a vibrant character and it lights up, literally, when needed.
  10. Remake It! Bottle Lamp. Last but not the least is another Remake It! product, this time, it’s made out of bottles. Now, you can make a lamp of your own with this funky little kit and create a nice lighting décor with it!

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