Looking Back On Black Friday

No shopping enthusiast has never heard of Black Friday. It’s that day after Thanksgiving when popular retail outlets offers amazing sales and deals in preparation for the Holidays. You may be among those who have gotten up in an unearthly hour just to line up to the stores to get your share of the markdowns.

Each year, every store is packed with crowds, trying to save some cash and bring home amazing items at the best price possible. Well, before we hit that time of the year again, have you ever wondered why it is called, of all, the colors, Black Friday?

Well, there are two legends in which this favorite shopping season had gotten its name.

The Bad

At the beginning of the holiday shopping tradition, many people were so eager to shop for deals that they literally swarmed the malls. Unfortunately, this resulted in unwanted tragedies. It was said that Black Friday got its name in the 1966 Accident, where the Philadelphia Police Department called the occurrence due to heavy traffic and upsetting altercation among the crowd of shoppers.

The Good

The other side of the coin says that Black Friday was coined from an accounting term which means profit for the sellers. “In the red” indicates loss of profits, but “in the black” means raise of sales. As the market thrives, retailers could anticipate a profitable day after Thanksgiving.

No matter where the term came from, Black Friday offers an exciting opportunity for you to be able to purchase the item you love the most!

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