Labor Day: Gifts for the Hard Workers

It’s the start of September and we celebrate Labor Day. Just the perfect moment to appreciate the hard working loved ones who gave all of themselves for their jobs. We recognize their value, we look at their contribution in making the workplace more productive and comfortable. Whether this person is your office mate, your friend or your relative, it’s high time you tell them how they are esteemed.

If you’re wondering what to give them, Karma Kiss has it all for you. Let’s start off with this smart list in making their day more valuable:

For the domestic lady who loves handling the housework like a warrior, The Washing Machine Laundry Hamper is just the most perfect gift for her. Of course, this hamper won’t do the same magic of washing those growing number of clothes, but it’s a nice thing to know where these clothes are going before it lands into the washer.

Let the office worker have fun in knowing the time with the Twelve Colors Watch. The modern and simple design fits any style and personality; it comes in many colors too! Tell them that their time has been of value at work, and everything that they have invested will come back to them later on!

Here’s the beauty of money! Surprise your loved one with a cheeky $100 Bill Benjamin Wallet! It’s the best place to hide the real dollars, and will make this hard working person more enthusiastic at his task!

The Chocolatier Ipad Case/sleeve is a great match for the worker who loves dealing with technology and gadgets. This sweet iPad sleeve is a nifty way to store and secure his gadgets while being on the go. And this is the most suitable gift for anyone who has sweet tooth—only they can’t bite at this dessert looking case!

Feeling a bit tired or worn out? Going to the gym or having a yoga session is something that will give that hard worker a lift! Give them either the Small Black Schlepp Bag – Gym or the Large Grey Schlepp Bag – Yoga to accompany them on their leisure exercises.


If you’re wondering what more to give them, there’s plenty of awesome items right here on our store! Make sure your gift is carefully thought of and is something that they will use!

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