What’s in for September?

We’re entering the final four months of the year! For some of us, it meant getting back to school, and for the others, it’s the beginning of the fall season. The dog days are slowly over, and the weather will be changing from the bright, sunny blue skies into a season of gold-colored foliage. Why, it’s a wonderful new season, and we at Karma Kiss will be celebrating with you!

We will be ending our Giveaway 8/10, but we’ve got more surprises coming in for you. Have you spotted this widget anywhere on the store?


Well, if you click it, some surprise will pop out on your screen! But this isn’t going to last long, so you have to make the most of the moment. Go to the store now.

Now, this isn’t everything we’ve got in our sleeves! More is coming for you, but you have to keep your eyes open! What you can do:

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