Light Up Your Halloween: Halloween Luminaries

It’s a spooky season of hoots and boos as Halloween comes drawing near. The children—and adults—love to dress up this season to scare everybody out of their wits, or to get a nice handful of candy. Whichever you prefer, we know that Halloween is supposed to be celebrated with fun and enjoyment, especially with the family. As the event draws near, why not decorate your home with a frighteningly fashionable set of luminaries as your way of joining in the festivities? The smartest way you can do is to light up your home with Halloween inspired luminaries!

Have your kids come and help you to create a nice bonding moment with an art activity!

Milk Monster(source)

What you’ll need: Markers, Old Milk Jugs, Tea Lights

Create a spooky white league of ghouls out of your old milk jugs with this project. Line them up on your porch or terrace, and light them with Tea Lights.

Spooky Sacks(source)

What you’ll need: Markers, Tea Lights, Old Sacks

If you have purchased a lot of produce, this project will be a nice thing to try this Halloween. Let your little kids draw on their sacks (alternatively, you can use brown paper bags for a smaller version instead) and have fun recreating that pumpkin head’s horror face for this scary season.

Mummy Mason(source)

What you’ll need: Old Mason Jars, Gauze, Googly Eyes, Glue, Tea Lights

Dress up your little mason jars like a mummy and glue in a pair of googly eyes (you can add more but hey, two is already good!) Then, drop a tea light inside and let it illuminate your dark, scary nights with a cute, tissue-rolled companion!

The Witch Is Out(source)

What you’ll need: Thin Japanese Paper, Construction Paper, Glue, Scissors, Tea Lights

Oh, she’s flying up there with her broom and that not-so-gorgeous ha-has! The witch is out, but you have to make her. First, make a box out of thin, opaque paper and panel it out with thicker sidings to make it stand. As for the witch, you’ll need to draw her on the thicker construction paper and cut her out. Stick the thick drawing on one part of the box you made (make sure she’ll fit!) and then your kids can splash on some stars and clouds to make the effect more believable.

Babbling Bottles(source)

What you’ll need: Old Bottle Jars, Paint, Markers, Tea Lights

These ghouls seem to be gossiping to each other, if not planning to scare you off! Line up different pain hues (orange for the pumpkin head, green for Frankenstein and white for the ghost—you can also add purple for Dracula!) and have your kids paint the old bottle jars. Draw the faces with the marker and light it up at night for that fun effect!

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