New in this week! Tattoos, Twitters and Tornadoes!

We’re counting off the last days of September, but we’re still bringing you new and nice items in our store. Here at Karma Kiss, we plan on always giving you the freshest ideas for the most novel gift you can find and give. There’s already aplenty back in our store, but we’re continuously uncovering great brands for you and your loved ones to enjoy. Take a look at some of our charming new items. Won’t you be surprised?

Interested to get inked but wouldn’t dare to have it forever? Tattoo lovers will definitely enjoy the brand Tattly, a collection of amazingly crafted but temporary emblems you can put on your skin. Just like the Tattly Temporary Tattoos – Nautical Set, you can get to be a real sailor and have your ink off whenever you want to.

Here’s a lot of birds tweeting with a smart. The Chirp Decoration makes it look as if you’ve got your little fowl friends hanging out on your desk. It’s amazing to see them walking (seemingly) in action, while each of them are busy taking care of their own stuff. They’re the best buds to color your bland desk, and make a lively scene out of it!

Whizzing on your ordinary timepiece? Well, let the extraordinary design of your Tornado Clock make a beautiful chaos out of your plain wall. The metal design will really make an onlooker dizzy, but still able to make out what time it is!

For the shoelace enthusiast, the HICKIES Elastic Lacing System in various colors will definitely be a nice addition to your tools. It replaces the traditional shoelaces and lets you slip this comfortable grip in and out of your shoes to keep it snug and secure. No more fussy laces to take your time tying!

We all believe in a magic or some sort, or at least something romantic. The Message in a Bottle Necklace is the perfect gift for those who are forever young-at-heart who sees the world with bright new eyes and filled with so much hope. There’s a lot of heart that goes into the message per each bottle.

Loving what you see? There’s more where that came from! Visit the New Stuff from our store!

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