Weekly Spotlight: Elephant Paper Shredder And Pencil Sharpener

The elephant never forgets, so they say, but this particular gentle giant will surely help you take those unwanted memories away. With this adorable desk companion, you can now conveniently shed those unneeded things on the table—old files from years ago, some scary looking drawings, receipts from overspending, and more.

Not only does it shreds, it also sharpens too! Sharpens your pencils, that is. But of course, a good pointed pencil is needed to bade those dulling minds away!

The Elephant Paper Shredder And Pencil Sharpener has a suction cup feet which helps this smart creature stay firm and secure to most flat surfaces. There’s no need to worry about it falling down with an imbalance, just make sure you put it in a safe position on your desk. No batteries required, you can me the best of this note-worthy to handle your shredding and sharpening needs!

Trivia: Did you know that this nifty little gadget is already a star? If you’re a legitimate Twilight Fan, you might have spotted this item on Bella Swan’s desk!

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