New This week: Popular People Pillows

Two popular people have landed in the Karma Kiss shore, and anyone is entitled to give them a good, big welcoming hug! You can squeeze them as hard or as soft as you want without taking the breath out of them—they’re cute and cuddly, and much more—famous! Wondering who they are? Meet the two celebrities we’ve got, in a seriously cottony state!

You might have heard all about him in your science class, and there’s no doubt that this amazing tinkerer has contributed an electrifying feat in our modern society. If you’re dreaming to be a genius like him, you can have him set up in your room and allow his stately inspiration get into your ideas.

This popular person is known for his music and his moustache, and who can forget how macho this rocker is? For any fan of the popular rock band Queen, this item is a must have not only as a memorabilia, but also as a nice companion to keep that rock blood alive!

The nice thing about these two famous personas is that they won’t complain if you hug them too much or even drool on their faces while they sleep.

All pillow dolls are based from the illustrations of their maker Chen Reichert. Each of them are printed on a cotton-linen canvass, hand stuffed with recycled polyester filling and sewn onto a colorful and brightly printed cotton fabric.

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