Welcoming Autumn: Decorating the Home this Fall

Whenever the season changes into another whole new one, the best thing to welcome it is to make changes in the home and make it feel appropriate for the weather. Now that the climate is slowly turning from the hot and bright summer to the crisp and drafty autumn, it’s time to make a few touches in your home and let the new season be your inspiration. Don’t worry; it doesn’t have to be big or extravagant. We’re giving you a few tips on how to decorate the home this fall season, the Karma Kiss Style!

  1. Work with the wood. Autumn is more emphasized by using warm woody decorations accentuated with golden and red backdrops. And nothing can make your home feel Autumn-like by putting a little bit (or more!) wood in your interiors. We recommend the perennial favorite, Tree Branch Wall Hanger and let it speak “Autumn” by itself!
  2. Change the glow. We suggest having Woodland Twilights LED Nightlight – Hedgehog and Woodland Twilights LED Nightlight – Bird to create a romantic, dim-lighted brightness in your room and make your place look golden.
  3. Bring in the creatures! Nothing makes an Autumn season inspired décor more magical by having these little woodland creatures in. make the scene more inviting by putting in special decors such as the pretty Orange Fawn Shelf Decor or by putting in the Bunny Salt & Pepper Shaker Set on the table.
  4. The Fall Colors. Last but not the least, get inspired by the Autumn hues by using golds, browns, reds, yellows and olives. You can put up curtains, bed sheets, carpets and patterns with these hues and make your home glow in festivity. Line up sparkly banners on blank walls or decorate it with frames filled with landscape-y pictures or prints.

These are just some of the ways you can enjoy the coming Autumn season with a fresh new look inside your home!

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