Organization Hacks Just in Time for the Holidays!

With the holidays right around the corner and a slew of family and friends sure to be stopping in, you’ve likely started the hurry-clean-the-house game. There are a lot better games to play, so it’s best to make this one as short as possible.

Of course, having a few organizing hacks up your sleeve can help make things move way faster. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with a few fast tips for every room in your home starting with…

The Living Room

Create a landing pad to contain the mess. At the end of the day, you walk in the door with an armload of things. Mail, maybe a bag or purse, an umbrella if it’s been raining or your favorite sunglasses–where do you normally drop them? Contain some of that mess by creating a space just for things you drop off coming in the door or grab on the way out.

Find a Perfect Lamp

Disrupt clutter by decorating. Any empty surface is an invitation to add clutter, but you can trick yourself into staying cleaner by finding decor to fill those spaces. Got an end table where junk usually collects? Add a lamp and some candles to make it harder to leave stuff laying around.

The Kitchen

Velcro and baskets can organize any drawer. You know that junk drawer? The one you just throw little things in when they don’t really belong anywhere else? Conquer with this crazy good hack: add velcro to the bottom of small plastic baskets and attach them inside your drawers. Not only will you have a way to sort the stuff in your drawer, thanks to the velcro, the baskets won’t slide around!Cactus Vase

Use vases for spoons and spatulas. If you have some empty vases sitting in cabinets, consider using the smaller ones to hold your cooking utensils next to your stovetop. It’s stylish, completely free, and keeps you from searching through drawers for your favorite cooking spoon.

Repackage using bins or bags when it makes sense. Sometimes the containers things come in just aren’t ideal. How are you supposed to fit that randomly round container in your cabinet with all of your square boxes? Easy: repackage. When you need to, don’t be afraid to use bags or storage containers to make things fit in your cabinets. It might even be easier just to repackage everything into matching containers, but let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.


The Office

Use jars for office supplies. Larger jars are good for pens and pencils, while smaller ones can hold your thumbtacks and paperclips. Tie a ribbon around the top to make it more decorative and you’re ready to go!

Keep cords organized with toilet paper rolls. You can use the cardboard tube from toilet paper to easily organize your computer cords. A little out there maybe, but definitely a handy hack. You can use a whole roll for a folded cord, or cut a slit in the roll to wrap around cords in use and keep them out of walkways.

The Bedroom

Alexandra Ferguson Tote BagMulti-purpose your tote bags. It seems like collecting tote bags and resuable shopping bags happens kind of on its own, so you can definitely put those to work for you. In your drawers and closets, use tote bags to store clothes that don’t need to be hung, like pairs of socks. You can also hang some from hooks and use them to hold smaller items like hairbrushes and hair ties.

Keep your closet consistent. It’s such a small thing, but it can make a big difference in how neat your closet looks: use consistent hangers. Decide which kind of hangers you want to use (or buy a new set or two!) and throw out any that don’t match. Bonus: while you’re switching out your hangers, you can sort your clothes and get rid of some of the ones you don’t need!

With just a few hacks, you can make organizing a lot easier–just in time for the in-laws to visit.

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