Product Reviews from Real Customers

Any salesman can tell you that his products are the best. That’s why you ask the people around you for suggestions when you’re considering buying or trying something new, right? Getting real opinions from customers is super important. Check out these comments from real KarmaKiss customers, and check out the products for yourself in the links below!

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Robot Vase in BoxCeramic Robot Vase

It’s a unique choice all the way around–there aren’t too many Ceramic Robot Vases running around out there. Don’t worry about him hacking your system; this particular robot prefers to display your favorite plants on the top of his head.

Candy Bar Pens

If you’ve ever fallen victim to Disappearing Pens–you know, the way your pens somehow magically vanish off of your desk all the time–the Candy Bar Pen Set fixes the problem in an awfully cute way. These pens look like candy and it’s highly unlikely anyone’s going to accidentally walk off with one. They might intentionally walk off with one if they’re hungry, though…

T-Rex Wall Art Attack PlaqueTrex Junior

For the dinosaur fan in your life, it’s impossible to go wrong with the T-Rex Plaque. This realistic T-Rex wall art is formidable and fun, and is the perfect addition to any design that calls for a kick-butt dinosaur (and really, what design doesn’t call for a kick-butt dinosaur?).

If a giant T-rex isn’t your cup of tea, there are plenty of other animals that might be what you’re looking for–or maybe you just need this Junior T-Rex. Baby steps!

Sleeping Fox Rise & Fall Organic Decorative Pillow

There are a lot of good things to say about the Sleeping Fox Decorative Pillow: mostly that it’s completely adorable and a soft, cozy-looking piece of art. The other important thing to say about it is that stock is really limited, so if you want to get your, uh–paws on it, you should act soon!

Alchemy Goods Purse InteriorAlchemy Goods Wedgewood Handbag & Purse

Stylish and trendy only begins to touch on how cool this purse is. With its mod-inspired sleekness and choice of Blue Cloud or Coral Birdie interior, the Alchemy Goods Wedgewood Handbag is going to look fab no matter what you pair it with. As a bonus, it’s got plenty of space AND it’s made of recycled materials. Talk about the total package, this one’s got it all covered.

If you try and love one of these products–or any KarmaKiss product–come back and write a review. Your voice matters to us!


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