Product Spotlight: Bamboo Brainteaser Puzzles

No more boring desktop for you, with these wooden and witty companions. When work becomes too much and you need time to refresh, having leisure items next to you definitely helps. Take your time off your load and get an intelligent recharge with handy puzzles that will not only prove you’re a genius, but an environment friendly advocate as well!

Toss away your old, toxic plastic toys and grab these Bamboo Brainteaser Puzzles from Karma Kiss. Enjoy the bamboo’s smooth wooden finish with the knowledge that these items are produced without harming the earth or taking a chunk from its already depleting resources. The Bamboo Brainteaser Puzzles are created from renewable bamboo, with innovative shapes that will fit on your grip and get your creative juices flowing.

The collection features different levels of difficulty ranging from 1 to five, and is the best way to spend a few moments of relaxation. Of course, this is also fitting for those who want to imbibe themselves on a longer time of mental pastime.

Upgrade your regular Rubiks Cube with these individually packed puzzles and solve your way by discovering the right shapes and sizes per each level. There is a note for instructions included, so there’s no need to worry how you can start with your creative diversion.

Buy this on Karma Kiss’ famous collection of Toys and Games here.

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