Keep an Eye on the Entrance with Excite Door Eye Stickers

Everyone has experienced having an unwelcome visitor knocking on their doors. It could be an annoying salesman, a scary agent, a gossipy neighbor or a disagreeable mom in law. Whoever it is, homeowners are always on guard of their doors as it is their own life, knowing that whoever enters through it will definitely take one’s time and patience to get through a tedious conversation.

Before you open that door, always take a good look on who’s outside. That’s when your door peepholes come in handy; it allows you to have a view on who’s knocking on your entrance, giving you the choice to open it becomingly or to have it remain shut in cold shoulders.

Karma Kiss breathes a new life into these door eye holes with funky cool stickers from Excite Creative. No longer will your front door look sordidly plain; these decors give new life to your entrances with characters and items that will make any knocker feel that they are being watched. Of course, there’s no need to fear these stickers; everything comes in a brightly designed peel-off product that will put much vibrancy to your regular peephole.

The Excite Creative Eye Stickers come with high-quality, laser cut removable stickers. It is made from vinyl material, so peeling will be easy.

Other than scaring off unwanted guests, invited visitors will genuinely have fun arriving at your door with these colorful stickers. There’s no need to tell them your door number; just give them a hint about the sticker by your door and your guest will definitely love finding the way to your apartment.

See the different designs of Karma Kiss’ Excite Door Eye Stickers and create an extraordinary mark on your entrance! Enter the keywords ‘Door Eye Stickers’ on the store’s search box, and choose from a handful of adorable peephole sticker styles!

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