Karma Kiss: In the Scene

Since its inception in 1991, Karma Kiss flourished as a one stop boutique of inspiring and unique pieces which are created to perk up anyone’s curiosity and delight.  It is nurtured by the creators of Streamline Inc, right within the thriving creative heart of New York City. From its beginning, Karma Kiss made waves with its Bubble Watches™ and Blowfish Alarm Clocks. At this very moment, the store continually replenishes its digital shop with various unique finds, curated for the savvy and stylish customers who seek novel and genuine ideas.

Karma Kiss isn’t just your ordinary store—our products have been featured in many noteworthy Hollywood films including Little Miss Sunshine and Twilight. We also have our items published on popular magazines such as Rachel Ray, New York Times and O Magazine.

Wondering what do customers and fans say about Karma Kiss? We picked up a few posts which feature reviews and product favorites from blogs and shops you may be following too! See what they are saying about us:

Ellen Harter Wall lists Cute Luggage Tags for Summer Travels in her Favorite Things column from the Family Fun. Hmmm, these tags look familiar! Aren’t they lovely? Check them out in our store, and let your bags be marked in an out-of-this-world kind of way!

Julie Wright of Emmy’s Deals makes a personal review of our Frog Talking Alarm Clock, which her son really enjoyed. We’re glad to bring those smiles to your faces, even with a little croak; ahem, we meant clock.

Akasha Celeste of Little Yllw Bird posted how her dog Dexter enjoys making a bed out of their warm laundry. With nowhere to place her used clothes into, she discovers her saving grace—this unique Washing Machine Laundry Hamper from Karma Kiss!

It feels nice to see that how our gifty items delights our customers. How about you? Do you have a Karma Kiss experience that you’re excited to share? Tell us all about it in our Facebook Page or make a shoutout via Twitter! We’d love to hear how our store made you smile.

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