Tick Tock, Tick Tock, There is Still Time!

Have you bought anything for your old man yet? No? You must be kidding. There is no way you can forget gifting your father, one of, if not the most cherished man in your life. This coming Father’s Day, it is a mustthat you make him feel a bit more special, and there are many ways you can do this.

If you still haven’t bought anything for your dad, don’t fret; Karma Kiss is here to help you through!

First off, our Father’s Day Giveaway is still running! By joining this contest, you’ll get the chance to win a whopping $100 worth of items for your dad. These are especially collected items handpicked for your old man; from nifty utensils to wearable accessories to something he could just smile and laugh while remembering you. You can join this contest by visiting this blog post.

Nothing beats the feeling of having something so nice, for free! You can also join our Monthly Promo, where we are giving out a $10 Gift Coupon to help you purchase that gifty item you have always wanted.  Browse in our store and mark your liked items as a favorite so you can buy it later on.

There is still time! You can buy something for your dad and we’ll see to it that gets delivered to you, right on schedule. We’re giving away free Father’s Day 2-day shipping, with any order above $60. Just enter the Coupon Code: 2DAYDADDY, and you’re all set on lavishing your dad with something unique and from-the-heart.

With Karma Kiss, you’ll never fail making your loved ones feel more special and happy. Send them a loving surprise with our collection of charming gifts, created with fun and function, and made to delight every unique personality. From our eco-friendly gifts to our all-in-one tools, you’re sure to find something you’ll like.

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