Product Spotlight: Late Greats Pillow Doll George Washington

President’s Day weekend is not just about a quick snowboarding trip to the mountains or a chance to take a break after gorging on too much Valentine’s Day candy. It’s about celebrating the leaders of America. And to celebrate this momentous holiday, we humbly ask you to turn your attention to the Late Greats Pillow Doll George Washington.

George Washington couldn’t tell a lie, so we won’t either. Crafted by owner and maker Chen Reichert, this doll of our first President is an excellent way to talk about American history with your children or students. The plush doll is printed on a colorful canvas made from a combination of cotton and linen, hand stuffed with recycled polyester filling. Soft and cuddly, it stands proudly in its army uniform, ready to protect this country at a moment’s notice.

Tucking in the little ones at night? Use Late Greats Pillow Doll George Washingtonto tell the story of his cherry tree chopping days, or how he led rebellious patriots across the Delaware River. Some other fun facts worth sharing about George:


  • He was born on February 22, 1732 at Pope’s Creek in Westmoreland County, Virginia.
  • He became a surveyor, which meant he figured out the best plots of land for purchase, an important consideration in colonial America where land meant power.
  • There’s a myth told that demonstrated his physical strength by throwing a silver dollar across the Potomac River — it can’t be true because there were no silver dollars when he was a man!
  • He actually lost more battles than he won during the American Revolution. However, his leadership helped secure American independence from the British.
  • As the President of the Constitutional Convention, he was the first to be able to sign the Constitution of the United States of America.
  • When he was President, he established many key aspects of U.S. government, such as the Department of Foreign Affairs (which became the State Department), the beginnings of the Supreme Court, and the positions of Secretary of State and Attorney General.
  • He signed the Coinage Act, which made the dollar the official currency of the U.S.
  • He created the United States Navy.
  • He was known to be a fabulous dancer, attending balls, cotillions, and parties!

You can even point out that his mouth is closed in all his pictures because he was embarrassed by his wooden teeth! If your Late Greats Pillow Doll George Washington gets dirty in the line of duty, just hand wash him with phosphate-free detergent.


Happy 283rd Birthday Mr. Washington!



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