Product Spotlight: Madpax Dinosaur Spikes Full Backpack

A new school season is starting soon, and you’d want your child to be equipped with all the best back-to-school items you can lavish on them. Sure, you’ve thought about the little things like the pens, pencils and notebooks, but how about a bag? Well, if you want a surefire way to get your child more creative and standout, Karma Kiss’ MadpaxDinosaur Spikes Full Backpack is just the perfect accessory you can buy for them, especially if they adore these prehistoric creatures.

This bag exudes a punk-rock flair with a splash of neon colors. And oh look! The spikes on the top makes them look as if the dinos were here and real! The wacky design plus the catchy hue will certainly make this bag a nice item for your kid. You may even buy this item for your teen!

Our Dinosaur Spikes Full Backpackcollection is made from a leather-like fabric called Poly Urethane. This material produces the durability of handling even the heaviest books, and is also the reason why the vibrant color can be easily cleaned. Nylon and polyester covers the interiors, and all the zippers are smoothly functioning nylon. It has two outer pockets, a spacious interior, adjustable shoulder straps and even a waist strap to keep one comfy.

With this bag, school becomes play, and it just becomes the best reason for your kid to enjoy this whole new learning season!

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