Karma Kiss’ Desk Must-Haves

We at Karma Kiss know how to style and spruce up every lifestyle and living space, including those plain old desks. Desks, no matter how tedious and boring they seem to look, are everyone’s working spaces and should be regarded with appreciation. One could always look back doing their projects, dioramas, home works, research papers, and all the other schoolwork essentials on this one corner in the room. Certainly, it is essential to liven up this working space and turn it from boring to exciting with items that will inspire every student.

At the start of a new school year, we invite you to create an encouraging study space that will make doing assignments fun and memorable. With these creative items, you are armed for ingenuity, and you’re destined to survive your new school year with a BANG! Even in the middle of vacation, you can get started prepping up yourself with these desktop must haves only from Karma Kiss.

  • In need of a pen that will always come in handy? Why not buy these Handi Pens? They’ll literally lend a hand whenever you need to write. What’s more is that they come in different colors and hand symbols that will be a nice gesture of what you’re feeling.
  • Here’s a pet that never forgets. The Elephant Mobile Phone Stand/Holder is a nice companion to remind you of the tasks you’ve indicated on your smart phone by displaying it upright on your desktop. It will also hold up your phone where you can easily find it, in case you are one of those forgetful individuals who place their devices on random places.
  • Another nice item to remind you of your chores, as well as the world map, is the Magnetic Cork World Atlas Message Board. While you’re skimming through the post-its you’ve stuck on the board, you might as well discover for yourself where Germany, Indonesia or the Middle East is located.
  • No kid is going to survive an entire school year without a candy, so why not stash some of it in this interesting candy container? The Sweet Tooth Cookie Jar is large enough for you to stock on your favorite sweets, which is a nice way to get revved up and let your brain juices flowing.

Can’t get enough? We’ve got a whole lot of Everyday Desk Accessories here!

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