It’s August!

Hello Karma Kiss fans! It’s August! And just like how this month has so many things going on for everyone all around the world, we also have scheduled a few special things that will keep you feeling festive and excited. Wonder what’s up in our sleeves? Here, take a look!

  1. Weekly Deals. We’ve been telling you all about this treat for Karma Kiss fans. Each week, we’re featuring items wherein we cut off a huge chunk of percent from its already affordable price. That’s because we believe YOU deserve something special occasionally! Why not treat yourself now to one of our nice items, or buy it for someone special?
  2. Product Spotlights and Features. Looking for something fresh and novel? Check out this blog frequently and see something that will spark your wants! Each week in August, we’re featuring something special—themes that will charm your curiosity and tickle your interests! From adorable pets to a back-to-school wishlist, you’ll find it all here in the Karma Kiss blog.
  3. August Monthly Contest. Now, who wants freebie? Each month, we’ve been holding a contest in our blog. This promo gives one winner a Karma Kiss gift check in $15 or $10 amount. We’ve got seven winners already, and you could be the eighth! Watch out for our contest here on our blog; it’s coming really, really soon!
  4. Back to School 2013. August marks the new season for school, and we’ve lined up a handful of functional and fun essentials for you to arm yourselves with. Make sure the kids are prepped up with the most interesting and useful items you can find; let them stand out by using products from Karma Kiss’ collection!

So here’s our August hints; we’ve got more coming in for you, so stay glued reading this blog! Thank you for your patronage, and we wish to bring you all the best this season.

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