Dog Days: Welcoming Summer with our Canine Chums

It’s the hottest time of the year, and we’re welcoming this season with so much anticipation. The school year is about to open, and while you can still enjoy your vacation, Karma Kiss wants to make sure that you’re getting the best of it. In this blog, we’re featuring items with the “man’s best friend,” on four legs, that is! We’re taking dog days literally, especially for the pet lovers who adore their canine chums very much!

Karma Kiss takes your dog days into fun, fuzzy season as you bask under the blue skies with your magnificent mutt. And these products will always remind you of your growing love for your pooch, whether you are at home, at work or in school!

Love writing? Shining Jingle Dog Pens. These lovable dachshunds are off to make your desks delightful. With pens twinkling on their collars, pet lovers will enjoy holding these adorable slender dogs for writing. The high gloss finish adds a touch of class too! These pens are available in various colors.

For the Jetsetter, the Doggy Boudoir Passport Cover and Wallet is a nice addition to your bag. It’s a nifty way to hold your important documents in a really cute way! There’s no mistaking you’re a dog lover yourself with this charming case protecting all your essentials.

Top Dog Boston Terrier Coffee Mug is a great gift for coffee lovers and dog enthusiasts. Featuring a fierce terrier’s face on its white ceramic gloss, it’s a nice way to perk up your morning and to remind yourself that you’re the top dog!

Home décor lovers will love the elegant Pink Poodle Shelf Decor in their book case. And why not? This loveable pink poodle sits gracefully atop the shelf, making a pretty picture

And for the artist, Rover The Doodles Dog will definitely help in catching your pet’s perfect structure in no time. This desk companion is as docile as a real dog; it will sit, stand and tramp around like a regular pet. There’s just one thing though; it doesn’t bark!

If you want to see a whole list of our dog inspired items, we suggest you to visit this page. There’s a whole lot more for you in Karma Kiss, a great way to enjoy your dog days with… your dogs!

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