Product Spotlight: The Striped Sweater Pencil / Makeup Pouch

What’s this? Another weekly deal? Yes, you got it right! We’re serving you up two weekly deals this July to August week. With the coming of the fresh, new, summer month, we bring you a colorful container that you can use for many purposes. It’s our Product Spotlight too, so be sure to check it out!

The Striped Sweater Pencil/Makeup Pouch is a perfectly snazzy little case where you can store all your small items (pens, pencils, makeup, and other whatnots) in fashion. Why would you carry your stuff in an old, ho-hum pouch when you can have a versatile, stylish little container where you can store away all your small essentials?

Karma Kiss’ Striped Sweater Pencil/Makeup Pouch comes in four colorful, stripe-y designs and are machine washable. Perfect for those who are arming themselves with chic back-to-school items. This makes sure that you won’t have pens leaking through your notes, or your powdery makeup opening by mistake. A great organizer that comes affordably awesome with our Weekly Deal promo.

Grab this item with 41% off its original price. Buy it here on Karma Kiss!

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