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Product Spotlight: Robot Wall Hanger

Our first item to review this October is all about a memorably metallic companion that does not only fit perfectly as a décor, but is also a nice ally to keep things in check and in order. We’re talking about the Robot Wall Hanger from our Wall Décor collection, a finely tuned automaton with the sole intention of holding your kids’ stuff away from the floor. It doesn’t actually speak, beep or even move; but we think it’s nifty enough to place on a wall and teach kids a lesson about neatness.

Put this up on their wall and let the kids enjoy and gain the habit the hanging things onto their proper places. Tidying up their room will cease to become a tedious boring task with the Robot Wall Hanger! Made from durable powder coated steel, this is a perfect item to hang clothes with, along with a few other accessories. With a lot of hooks for hanging, your child will run out of items to hang.

This robot is gender friendly too! Use the magnetic bowtie to make this metal chum a boy or put it on the head to make it a girl. It’s available in two colors—Orange and Grey-chrome, to suit its owner. This product also comes in two sizes.


We think every kid (and robot-loving adult) will love this in their rooms. Check out this item in our store now!

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