Product Spotlight: Tell Tails Pet Tags

Ah, pets. They’re adorable. They light up your life like a constantly cheerful companion, wagging their tails and rubbing their fur whenever you’re around. Unlike humans, pets remain to be your friends whoever you are, whatever you’re doing. They wouldn’t mind if you don’t look as handsome as always, or when you’ve got a bad session of measles. They’ll always be there for you, whenever you call, and it’s just right we credit them for all their goodness.

Karma Kiss wouldn’t forget pets; we too are a bunch of animal lovers and it’s always awesome to show how adorable they are. And there’s no better way to showcase how great our lovely little friends are than a unique set of pet tags from Tell Tails.

These tags can be easilly attached to your canine, feline (or pet of any kind)’s collar and let the world know who they really are. Dub them as a ‘Ladies’ Man‘ or a ‘Favorite Child‘ or one ‘Hot Mama‘ and let them be the center of everyone’s attention.

We love these tags because they’re cool, they’re classy, and they style up your pets in the most defining way.  Take a look at our Tell Tails collection and let these collars tell their tales!

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