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Shop 10 of KarmaKiss’ New Amazing Stuff

Hey there Karma Kiss family! We’ve missed you guys! That’s why we’re going to share with you today, KarmaKiss’ newest gifty things to grab for yourself or to gift to someone special in your life! So, how was Mother’s Day for everyone? Are you guys ready for Father’s Day? We’re actually working on a pretty sweet gift guide to help you pick just the right gifts for your old man.

Maybe this list of our newest gadgets will be part of your shopping list!

  • OurHamsa Good Luck Pen is one of our favorites. When you’re writing things down, it’s important to have the best tools at your disposal for optimal note taking. Plus, it’s crafted so nicely that you will always want to have it on you anyway. Hamsa Good Luck Pen
  • Well, it’s a bit late to give thisBox Sign It’s Not Easy as a gift for Mother’s Day, but it is still a very sweet present to gift to the very special mamas in your life. Trust me, coming from a mother, we always enjoy receiving gifts that remind us how much we mean to our loved ones.

Box Sign It's Not Easy

  • ThisCeramic Robot Vase is perfect for that special someone in your life who can appreciate modern, yet simple artwork. You can really spruce a place up when you pair this with a bouquet of fresh flowers.

Tale Between A Whale Bookend Set

  • OurMagical Unicorn Money Bank Blue is every little girl’s…and let’s be honest – Every girl’s favorite place to stash and save small change. Once your perfectly blue unicorn is full, empty your stash and make room for more!

Magical Unicorn Money Bank Blue

  • Okay, so we’re not claiming any political party in particular when we share that thisFCTRY The Hillary Action Figure is one of our top sellers. But really, who else is sporting a sweet action figure of quite possibly, the next president of the free world?

FCTRY The Hillary Action Figure

  • OurWoodland Manicure Set Brown is the cutest little pocket pouch to store your cash stash. It works perfectly for those who are out and about and do not have the room to carry a big ol’ purse or bill fold.
  • Woodland Manicure Set Brown Hedgehog
  • You know what we just don’t see much of anymore? Door mats – Like thisDoormat Mat the Moustache. Everyone should have a place to wipe their feet before stepping into a humble abode, and who says a little exterior decor isn’t necessary? IT IS! Doormat Mat The Moustache
  • Your little one will love our Melissa and Doug Musical Pull Beehive. It is extremely adorable and with a little tug of the bumblebee, music will sing to your child making them smile from ear to ear.

Melissa & Doug Musical Pull Beehive

  • Our Crossbody Bag Floatis super fashionable and has quite the artsy look. It’s a conveniently sized bag that you can throw across your shoulder when you’re ready to head out. 
    Crossbody Bag Float

These are our newest items and they’re selling fast! What are you waiting for? Shop to your little heart’s desires – We’re here for you if you need to talk about gift ideas!

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