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Surprise Everyone with These Great Gifts

Have you made a list yet? The list of all the people you’re buying presents for followed by a string of question marks as you try to think of anything good to get them? If that’s where you are, this is the place to start!

5 Holiday Gifts Under $50

From Vintage Icon Watches designed to catch your eye to Small Cooler Bags that make the perfect lunch box or snack-on-the-road portable while looking fabulous, there’s something for everyone.

The Aunt Fern and Elephant & Company Table Lamps add a decorative flare and a glow to any room, and for the kid–or kid-like friend in your life–any of the Silent Sweep No Tick Tock Talking Alarm Clocks is bound to be a hit.

Looking for something fashionable to give someone you know? As a statement to their taste (and yours!), give them something versatile and beautiful with a Tagua Terra Necklace in Emerald or Aqua.

Figuring out what to give someone for the holidays can be a real pain, but we’ve got you covered. No panic here, just the appreciation of everyone you know!

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