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Jessica Kagan Cushman (JKC)’s products are always worth a second and a few more looks. Why? Other than the fact that they evoke a distinct Victorian-inspired style, these items are created with fun, modern designs that match the taste of a contemporary woman. The brand started out as a jewelry line that sells at different prime markets under Bergdorf Goodman and Neue Galerie. Her products are whimisical trinkets containing off-beat cameos, including pop art depicting animal heads, gorgeous Victorian ladies and skulls. JKC’s products are considered “unorthodox.” However, Karma Kiss loved their items more, knowing that everything is well-made and genuinely crafted from practical materials. Some of the JKC products we featured were a hit among our female fans. Take a look at what we’ve got in store for you, under the JKC line: Emotional Baggage tote featuring a cheeky..

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