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With warmer weather in full swing, there’s never been a better time to enjoy the weather with mom on a lovely picnic. Treat the most special lady in your life to a relaxing and fun day out to show her how much you care. Here are 10 things to stash away in your picnic basket!   You’ll need a bag large enough to carry all your picnic supplies. Luckily, the Blue Bicycle Large Cooler Bag ensures that your food is protected, with a spacious main storage compartment, plus detachable straps and an adorable bike print on coated linen.   Whip out this Royal Diamond Bottle Opener while you get the dogs on the grill. The fun diamond shaped bottle opener is durable and strong so that you can pop off bottle caps with ease and get your party rockin’!   Picnics don’t mean..

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The mother-in-law. The infamous mother by marriage and not by birth. Often vilified, she has become a bit of an urban legend. Instead of making mom-in-law a bad word or a bad person; instead try celebrating her role as the person who gave birth to your spouse, your other half! KarmaKiss knows how to celebrate mother-in-laws. Gift her with one (or more) of our fun gifts for the mother-in-law who might have everything but is only looking for your heart (not on a silver platter or literally!) For the artsy mother-in-law, our Tagua Kayuna Adjustable Necklace (available in Forest or Aqua) is also eco-friendly. No elephants were harmed in its creation and no spouses will be harmed when your MIL opens up this gorgeous piece of art.   Do you have a modern mother-in-law who is constantly seeking out the..

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Let’s face it — no matter how well curated your closet is, everyone can use a refresh now and then. And if your closet isn’t as, uh, curated as maybe some of your friends, we can help. Here’s our top five picks to help save your wardrobe: 1. What started as a trend has now become a closet staple: skinny jeans. Don’t fret, as they will make your legs look slimmer, especially in a dark wash like these Madewell High Riser Skinny Skinny Jeans. Lean and sexy, these jeans use high-quality denim and expert craftmanship to create the effect of legs-for-days, sitting slightly above the hip and fitted through the hips and thighs with a slim leg. 2. Every closet needs a fun item, something that makes you smile when you wear it. This Kamkam Kitty Cat Face & Tail..

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On Mother’s Day, the last thing you want is to be caught without a gift. You also don’t want to give mom — or the mother figure in your life — something ordinary. They deserve a special gift that was chosen with thought, meaning, and care. Instead, make like MacGyver and have the perfect gift at the ready for any type of mom. Here are our top 10 Mother’s Day gift choices:   The Cooking Mom: For the mom that loves using their hands in the kitchen making delicious food, this Lemon Squeezer and Holder will come in handy. It’s stain resistant, dishwasher safe, design worthy enough for a place on the countertop, and lets you squeeze and hold as much lemon as needed. The Workout Mom: Does your mom love nothing more than to hit the gym? This small Trumpette..

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My boyfriend always tells me, “You women are never satisfied! When ya have one thing, you feel like you need just one more thing to complete your life.” Sadly, I agree with him! As women, we are nurturers, so having more is never too much for us – It is considered an abundance! Who’s with me, lady friends? If you are, I’ve got a short gift list that you can hand over to your lover! Let’s hope they pick the right ones, just for you! 1. Gotta show our mommas love first! Surprise her with a fresh cup of joe on Valentine’s morning, in this Mom Owl Coffee Mug. You know how us women have to start our days off exactly right!   2. For the ladies who are hardcore entrepreneurs,or just those always on-the-go, safely store your laptop (filled with your..

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Man, does the year go by ever so quickly! We’re already approaching Valentine’s Day, which is as special a holiday as any other throughout the year. We know it can be difficult to choose the right gift for your loved ones on a day where chocolates and flowers are so common. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorites and thrown in others just in case. Here’s the good news, you can order your gifts right here from Karma Kiss! Take some of our advice and check out our Valentine’s Day complete gift list. For the Cat Lover (yes, we love cats.): KamkamKitty Cat Face & Tail Hoody – ME-OW! Spray some of your favorite scent on this hoody so your pooky can have a memory of you while the hoody keeps them warm. Adopt A Big Cat Gift Box –..

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It’s surely time for Spring! So says this lovely timepiece we call Blossom Watches. Inspired from the beautiful, vivid colors of Spring, you can enjoy the radiance of the season with this accessory. Little girls will love them; fashionable teens will adore them. Each watch is designed with a daisy-type bloom, with a neat little flower at the center of its face. Choose between the colors Hot Pink, Bright Blue, Fresh Green or Lovely Lilac! The Blossom Watches are packed neatly inside a clear plastic box and is a perfect gift for young girls. Be in this season! Purchase the Blossom Watches here >>

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Out of the 365 days a year, we only have one day to pay tribute to the most valuable woman in our lives in the whole world: our moms. Everyone has a mother. They go by different names and various specialties. Some work hard for our family’s living. Others dedicate themselves in doing the tedious chores to make lives easier for us. All in all, mothers are wonderful creatures and each of them are a blessing, primarily because they are the ones who gave birth to us. So what can we do to make the woman of the day more special? Were listing down a few tips in which you can use to spice up your Mother’s Day Celebration. A pool of photos Ask your siblings to take candid snapshots of you and your memories of your mom. Take a..

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Jessica Kagan Cushman (JKC)’s products are always worth a second and a few more looks. Why? Other than the fact that they evoke a distinct Victorian-inspired style, these items are created with fun, modern designs that match the taste of a contemporary woman. The brand started out as a jewelry line that sells at different prime markets under Bergdorf Goodman and Neue Galerie. Her products are whimisical trinkets containing off-beat cameos, including pop art depicting animal heads, gorgeous Victorian ladies and skulls. JKC’s products are considered “unorthodox.” However, Karma Kiss loved their items more, knowing that everything is well-made and genuinely crafted from practical materials. Some of the JKC products we featured were a hit among our female fans. Take a look at what we’ve got in store for you, under the JKC line: Emotional Baggage tote featuring a cheeky..

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We are all aware of those days when women were treated unequally with men. There were times when gender differences have its own pros and cons, but the new world is slowly dissipating that thought into a much fairer world for everyone to live and enjoy. If you’re a woman, Karma Kiss is celebrating your presence! You’ve got the right to dream and make those dreams come true; become a voice in the world and let your life be heard like a beautiful echo, no matter where you are and what you do. In the spirit of this celebration, we hope you find ways to let the women in your life feel that they are appreciated. Wondering how? Start with these tips: A nice “Thank You!” is a good way to start. Give your mom, sister, teacher, co-worker, boss and..

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There are so many ways to say “I love you.” Sometimes, it’s making him coffee early in the morning before he goes to work. Sometimes, it’s pulling out an umbrella over her so she wouldn’t get drenched under the rain. You can give her a pat on the back when she fails an exam. Or give him a good hug when he wasn’t able to get that promotion both of you have longed for. Each day, people say “I love you” to one another unconsciously. But this product is pretty much a simple but straightforward way of reminding one of your feelings. “Give it, get it.” That’s what a True Heart is for. To give love and receive love. Featuring a gold-plated pendant, this little card is enough to let anyone know how you are fond of them. The lead-and-nickle-free..

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Along the arrival of the spring in May comes the moment to pay tribute to the loveliest woman in our lives—our mother. In this season, every son and daughter recollect the memories from their childhood and remember how this all-important family member has cared for and loved them, through victories or failures, through joy or difficulties. Our mothers stood by our side and continued to believe in us even in the times we can’t and won’t, and through her sheer confidence in us we have grown into the person we are now. Isn’t it about time we thank her for every smile, tear, time and attention she has invested on us?

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