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In the list of fun-if-not-widely-known holidays, we have to admit that Say Something Nice Day ranks pretty high on the list of good ones.
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Imagine: it’s been a long day at work. You come home, open the door, and it smells like your grandmother’s kitchen. Or you’ve been at the beach all day and open the door to the spicy warm heat of chili waiting for you to dig in. Slow-cookers are genius. 10-15 minutes of preparation and then you just leave it all alone for hours. When you come back home, it’s like magic has happened right on your kitchen counter. Here are 3 super easy, crazy delicious slow-cooker meals to try. Chili Soup in general is a great choice for a slow-cooker, but there’s something extra special about chili, and it’s amazingly simple with just a few ingredients and a flavor that develops the longer it cooks. Meat: brown your own beef or use pre-cooked meat. Rotisserie chicken is a great shortcut, and vegetarian..

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