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Imagine: it’s been a long day at work. You come home, open the door, and it smells like your grandmother’s kitchen. Or you’ve been at the beach all day and open the door to the spicy warm heat of chili waiting for you to dig in. Slow-cookers are genius. 10-15 minutes of preparation and then you just leave it all alone for hours. When you come back home, it’s like magic has happened right on your kitchen counter. Here are 3 super easy, crazy delicious slow-cooker meals to try. Chili Soup in general is a great choice for a slow-cooker, but there’s something extra special about chili, and it’s amazingly simple with just a few ingredients and a flavor that develops the longer it cooks. Meat: brown your own beef or use pre-cooked meat. Rotisserie chicken is a great shortcut, and vegetarian..

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It’s the beginning of 2017, don’t start it off being bored! Now’s a great time to find a new hobby and keep things interesting. Finding new things to do and new ways to plug in can be a big boost to your confidence and enjoyment. Coloring This is a hobby that has seen a huge upswing in the past couple of years, and chances are by now you’ve seen an adult coloring book or two in your local store. Easy to Start The fun thing about coloring is that there’s no lengthy process to pursue. Most people have picked up a crayon, marker, or colored pencil and spent some time with a coloring book already; this is just a grown-up version of what you already know. Great for Your Mind & Health Coloring has been shown to be a stress..

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New Year’s is just around the corner, and you’ve probably already been asked if you have any New Year resolutions. Resolutions don’t often work for long, yet we make them anyway. This year, shake up your resolution-making. Get away from the long, detailed list, and focus on a few more important and probably more impactful choices that can steer your course differently for the whole year! 1. Meditate All right, meditating sounds like a pretty vague resolution, and that’s mostly because it is. Meditation can mean different things to different people, but the important thing is to take some time during the day to be peaceful, think, and reflect. Your mind needs the recharge, and all those things that would normally be resolutions may fall better into place when you’re coming from a more peaceful mental perspective. 2. Find a..

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You know that warm, happy feeling you get when someone does something unexpectedly kind? It’s in our power to pass that on, or in more trendy terms, to “pay it forward.” There are lots of easy ways to make someone else feel like smiling—here are 10 to get you started! 1. Compliment a stranger. It doesn’t have to be over the top, but it should be sincere. If you notice something nice about someone, whether it’s their smile, their style, or something they say or do that gets your attention, tell them so! 2. Pay for someone in line behind you. Whether you’re running into a coffee shop for a latte or pulling through the drive-thru, give an extra $5 or $10 to the cashier and tell them to put it towards whatever the person behind you is buying. A..

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School and Work. The daily grind. Nose to the grindstone. At the end of the day and week, we all need something to rejuvenate our minds and spirits. Going outdoors to get closer to nature is one great way to do just that. Walking may be the easiest way to find rejuvenation outdoors. It requires no investment. Families can take nature walks together in their own neighborhoods, parks or national forests. Examining nature as you walk alone or with others is a great way to get closer to your own thoughts too. Speeding up to a jog or run can get you in touch with your heart rate speeds too.  Yoga or tai chi in the park with birds chirping around you is a fun way to rejuvenate outdoors with a group or on your own. Find poses that integrate..

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Tired of  crowds and overwhelming store shelves in retail stores? We’ve got the scoop on why online shopping has way more to offer to you than in-store shopping! Maybe you’ll have some energy left to check out our online shop when you’re done with the read! Online Shopping is Awesome Because… 9. New online shopping technologies like virtual dressing rooms. 8. The latest and the hopefully greatest. Can’t find a new product, online shopping is a great tool to find and try new options. 7. Company websites present info on the company and their products. 6. Online reviews. Not all reviews are honest or even actual people. Taking a look at a large group of reviews for a high number or positive/negative reviews is like having shoppers right there helping you choose. 5. The variety of it all. Shoppers can comparison..

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July 4th is now here! Were you originally scheduled to work this holiday and are now off? Did you not have any plans but now want to do something? Whatever the reason is that you’re having trouble figuring out plans for Independence Day, we’ve got just the things for you to choose from! Check out the ultimate fun list of things to do on July 4th, last minute! The possibilities for an enjoyable and fulfilling July 4th are limitless, and most of these activities can be done without paying a dime! Share this July 4th last minute fun list with anyone who is in the dilemma of having “nothing to do” this holiday! #AMERICA!

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It’s officially Summer, and it’s officially time to get your drink on – To cool off that is. Tired of buying the same old mixed drinks that cost an arm and a leg, and just don’t cut it for your taste buds anymore? Well, we’ve conjured up the best recipes that include REAL Summer fruits that will have your taste buds explode! Check these out, and don’t forget to drink responsibly! Fresh Pineapple and Mango Mojito 1 whole pineapple cut into chunks 50ml pineapple juice Honey to your taste 10 fresh mint leaves 2 limes 150ml light rum 2-3 mangoes sliced Club Soda ice for beverages   Buy BAR10DER All-in-One Home Bartending Tool - Gray Blend pineapple chunks, mango slices, and juice until you have a nice and smooth puree. Then, combine the puree with the rum, mint leaves, lime..

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Karma Kiss summer boredom good-bye with our 15 Ways to Keep Your Kiddos Busy. From a spa day to camping, there are great options to help make the summer more fun for kids and less stressful for moms.  1. Spa Day  Grab some inexpensive nail polish and toe dividers for mani pedis and fill the rest of the day with our fun themed lip glosses and Unicorn Snot.  2. Relaxing with Purpose  Our yoga kids mats in various styles and patterns are the perfect place for kids to do downward dog and kid’s pose. Our Ant Balance Arm Chair can be the perfect fun summer seat and a great homework chair for the school year. 3. Save $ Saving money over the summer can be a fun thing to do when you have uber-cute themed banks and a saving purpose in mind.  4...

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The three-day weekend. School is out. Families have their first opportunity for a short vacation. Celebrating the memory of our fallen heroes comes first! While longer vacations offer the chance to travel further away, the Memorial Day weekend can be a chance to explore a little closer to home–while still having fun as a family. 1. Learn a little as a family: Families on a budget can extend the Memorial Day weekend fun by purchasing an annual member to their local science museum, children’s museum or art museum. For the cost of night out to the movies, the annual pass gets families an entire year access to the local museum and many others with reciprocal memberships. 2. Visit local waterfalls and caves: Summer heat is already setting in. If the pool isn’t an option, head to cooler territories of local..

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In Copernicus’ day, a fun Earth Day fact might have been: The earth is flat. End of story. In the 21st century, we not only know the earth is NOT flat, we also have an entire day devoted to our planet. Here are 15 fun facts to help you celebrate an earth that won’t you drop you off into the universe if you walk to far. 15. Start from the beginning. The first Earth Day was held April 22, 1970. Tree huggers and bell bottoms were as important as saving the earth. 14. That first Earth Day was the catalyst for the formation of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in December of the same year. 13. Earth Day initiatives have also resulted in the passage of the Clean Water, Clean Air and Endangered Species acts. Save the whales and the..

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Who is Confucious? Why does he have the rep of being a genius? Probably because he was a Chinese teacher, editor, politician, and philosopher of the Spring and Autumn period of Chinese history. There are many variations of books idolizing Confucious, whether it be a biography or a book of quotes that simply just ring the right inspiring tunes to your ears. Today is Confucious Day and we at Karmakiss would like to honor the beliefs and virtues of Confucious that we still live by today. Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps. It is easy to hate and it is difficult to love. This is how the whole scheme of things..

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