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Okay, all right, DON’T PANIC. We’re in the holiday home stretch, but it’s not too late. With some quick thinking, thoughtful shopping, and some creative shipping options, you can still get the right gift for the right person at the right price. Talk about a triple threat!   Under $10 The 4-in1 Pen Multi Function Tool is a lot of functionality in a small package, and perfect for the handy person in your life, putting whatever they need right there at their fingertips. Decorations like the Dear Santa Stocking Ornament add a festive touch to any home, and you can find several different designs so that you know anyone you buy one for will be happy. For the strong, inspirational person you know, the simple but lovely Pretty Moon Necklaces look nice and come with a message. Under $25 The Cupcake Express Baking..

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No teacher wants more random hand lotion. Or another mug. Or anything that says Teacher on it. To impress your teacher, we have compiled some fun KarmaKiss gifts for you to give to your favorite teacher. Gift cards are always a popular teacher option. Add one to their favorite store in our Peace and Love Mighty Wallet.  Teacher always balancing their phone? The Flex and Hold Mobile Phone Mount lets them keep their phone at their desk in the go position.  After school ends each day, your teacher may need some recovery and down time. Send home the gift of the Spa and Herbal Therapy Huggie Bear, and you might just move to the head of the class when your relaxed and renewed teacher returns.  Have an extra fun science teacher with a sense of humor? Gift them our FCTRY..

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Karma Kiss summer boredom good-bye with our 15 Ways to Keep Your Kiddos Busy. From a spa day to camping, there are great options to help make the summer more fun for kids and less stressful for moms.  1. Spa Day  Grab some inexpensive nail polish and toe dividers for mani pedis and fill the rest of the day with our fun themed lip glosses and Unicorn Snot.  2. Relaxing with Purpose  Our yoga kids mats in various styles and patterns are the perfect place for kids to do downward dog and kid’s pose. Our Ant Balance Arm Chair can be the perfect fun summer seat and a great homework chair for the school year. 3. Save $ Saving money over the summer can be a fun thing to do when you have uber-cute themed banks and a saving purpose in mind.  4...

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The patterned “fun” tie. Soap on a rope. The dreaded Father’s Day gifts that are decades old and make dad cringe. Instead of giving the ordinary gift to dad this year, try one of our 25 Father’s Day gift suggestions and upgrade the Dad gift! From small to large, Dad appreciates everything if it comes from his favorite kid. 1. Gift enclosure card Robot :Dad loves gift cards to his favorite restaurant or building supply store. Make the simple gift card into a fun gift with the addition of our gift enclosure card robot. 2. Flash and light USB rechargeable flashlight : Need dad to light the way during a storm or while camping? Give him the easy flash and light USB rechargeable flashlight to keep in his car or toolbox. 3. Speaking of toolboxes. What dad wouldn’t love the ultimate toolbox..

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Times goes by so quickly when you become a parent. Now that I am a mother (since October 2015), the love I have for my son’s father (my husband) has evolved into a new love that I can’t quite explain. You know how I’ll explain it? By showing you guys some of the best gifts that you can give to the fathers, dads, pop pops, and men in your life that represent themselves to you as their father. What do daddies do that make us love them so much? Rock us to sleep after a bad nightmare, teach us how to mow the lawn to make some cash, and even send us off to college on a good note even though they love us so much, it can be hard to let us go. They deserve all of our love..

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Here at Karma Kiss, we love unique gifts and offer innovative and fun items for sale. The 10 gifty things below are stand-outs within those choices that are our BEST SELLERS. While we can’t do the count down in a cool Casey Kasem voice, you can imagine him counting down each fun gift item. Without further ado . . . 10. Jingle Kitten Money Bank Jingle Kitty. Money Kitty. Little Ball of Money Kitty.  Here at Karma Kiss, we love the unique bank as a gift idea. These sweet-faced cats guard your money and add a hint of nostalgia to your desk or nightstand. 9. FRED & Friends Kids Plate DINNER WINNER A more recent addition to our gift choices, this plate combines Candyland style gaming with clean-your-plate enthusiasm and is great for a toddler or new mom gift. 8...

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With warmer weather in full swing, there’s never been a better time to enjoy the weather with mom on a lovely picnic. Treat the most special lady in your life to a relaxing and fun day out to show her how much you care. Here are 10 things to stash away in your picnic basket!   You’ll need a bag large enough to carry all your picnic supplies. Luckily, the Blue Bicycle Large Cooler Bag ensures that your food is protected, with a spacious main storage compartment, plus detachable straps and an adorable bike print on coated linen.   Whip out this Royal Diamond Bottle Opener while you get the dogs on the grill. The fun diamond shaped bottle opener is durable and strong so that you can pop off bottle caps with ease and get your party rockin’!   Picnics don’t mean..

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I’m Hannah and I write for The Hip Horticulturist blog for online shed retailer Tiger Sheds. I write about all sorts of different topics but one of my favourite things to discuss is how our customers can transform their sheds. Recently we produced a post focusing on how people can reinvent their shed for 2016 and within this post I mentioned a Karma Kiss product, Toadstool table & Stool Set, as a way people can reinvent their décor. I just love this product and I think it would make any garden look like a dream! So after having a good look through the Karma Kiss website we came across so many more products that would make a perfect gift for people who love their garden and nature! Maybe you have a birthday or special occasion coming up for your wife,..

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You know the old saying – a picture is worth a thousand words? So, how many words is an interactive 3D tour of our cool new store in Alameda, CA worth? Must be a gazillion, right? Thanks to the amazing Emily Olman from Hopscotch Interactive (you can find them on Facebook or at @hopscotch_biz on Twitter), you can now tour our Alameda store and tell us how you like (or not so much) it, give us some feedback, and also find ideas for unique gifts without getting out of your cozy warm house. Share your thoughts with us: Twitter: @krmkss Facebook: or email: Here it is, enjoy:

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