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You know the old saying – a picture is worth a thousand words? So, how many words is an interactive 3D tour of our cool new store in Alameda, CA worth? Must be a gazillion, right? Thanks to the amazing Emily Olman from Hopscotch Interactive (you can find them on Facebook or at @hopscotch_biz on Twitter), you can now tour our Alameda store and tell us how you like (or not so much) it, give us some feedback, and also find ideas for unique gifts without getting out of your cozy warm house. Share your thoughts with us: Twitter: @krmkss Facebook: or email: Here it is, enjoy:

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We are happy to announce the grand opening of our first physical, bricks and mortar location in the South Shore Shopping Center in Alameda, CA. By opening the store in Alameda we aim to bring our  offering of unique, whimsical gift items at reasonable prices to a retail shopping experience with our “all gifty things imagined” motto boutique. We looked for a thriving retail location in the East Bay to open our Karma Kiss boutique, and the South Shore Center in Alameda was the outstanding choice. We have received such a warm welcome from the other merchants; it’s a great community. Local customers already love Karma Kiss’ blend of humor, trends, and design flair at affordable prices. From “Lumberjack Mustache Flasks” to “Unicorn Snot Glitter Gel”, buyers will find something unique that will make their gift recipient smile. “Their products are fun and clever. I immediately thought..

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Friendship Day has gone and passed this year, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t embrace hanging with your friends before school begins again! As social creatures, we value the importance of good friends in our lives. Here are seven ways to have a good time with your bestie every day for the rest of Summer. Give them a card: In the digital age, giving or sending people paper stationery is a rarity. Show your friend you care with a handmade card, and write a sweet note inside about what they mean to you. They’ll cherish it for years to come! Share a cocktail: Fix up a tasty drink for two. This BAR10DER All-in-One Home Bartending Tool has 10 tools attached to help you make anything, from martinis and cosmopolitans to whiskey sours and muddled mojitos. Poolside lounging, anyone? Put together..

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While one can argue that “summer” movies started way back in April with Furious 7, we’re excited about these June and July premieres. So grab some buttery popcorn and get your tickets for these top seven anticipated Summer films of 2015!   Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation: The action franchise speeds ahead into its fifth installment with Tom Cruise reprising his role as Ethan Hunt and his team of spies. This time, they take on their most impossible mission yet — eradicating the Syndicate, a skilled and highly trained operatives that’s dedicated to destroying the IMF (Impossible Mission Force). Entourage: Based on the hit HBO television show, the film follows movie star Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) and his boys Eric aka E (Kevin Connolly), Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) and Johnny (Kevin Dillon) going into business with super agent turned studio head Ari..

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At KarmaKiss, we’re always finding the best and coolest products to bring to you. We update our products section on a weekly basis so you always have a reason to come back. With that in mind, check out these top five funky fresh arrivals that we just put up.   Bluetooth Speak Bot White: This adorable IMIXID’s Audiobots™ wireless Bluetooth Speaker Bot™ packs a powerful punch of portable polyphonic sound. Plug in your device into the back of the bot, and experience an extraordinary audio experience. The Bounce Back™ passive bass, high fidelity driver and Bluetooth™ wireless playback will keep you bumping tunes all night long. Plus, it comes with a custom snap-back cap or knit beanie so you can customize your bot. Vintage Tea Cup Candle: Looking to add an extra sprinkling of floral vintage to your dining room..

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What? New Years has passed already! In many parts of the world it has, but it’s yet to come for those who celebrate Chinese New Year. So like, what happens on Chinese New Year? What does that even mean? Karma Kiss is about to drop some knowledge on you. We’ll cover some of the basics that you’ll need and the beliefs of why the Chinese New Year is celebrated.   Like other Asian countries, this very special time of the year has ties to the cycle of agriculture -The cycle of life when you really think about it. As far back as the Zhou Dynasty, the emperor had the great responsibility of facilitating the calendar of agriculture. It was (and is today) vital to know when to till the soil and sow the seeds, as this is part of the..

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Dogs – Who doesn’t love dogs? Just think of how much you’d miss your little fur friend when you travel without them. That is why Karma Kiss has a pack of six Fluff Cute Dogs Luggage Tags. Fondest memories you’ll always keep of man’s best friend, not to mention a uniquely stylish luggage tag, separating your bags from the other boring ones. If you travel the way we do, you’d be the first one at baggage claim before the bags even come down the chute. A lot of luggage on those belts are colors that blend right in with each other. Even if your bag isn’t one to stand out, your tag will be the thing that sets your things apart from the others. Whether you’d like a tag that looks just like your pup, or wish for one that..

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“Think Small” was one of the world’s most famous advertisements for the Volkswagen Beetle. But you don’t need to think small here — you have to think “roomy.” With these Monster Factory VW Wash Bags, it’s time to send yourself back to the Mad Men era without sacrificing any space while you travel. Instead, you can enjoy the aesthetics of the 1960s with one of these easy-to-use bags. Officially licensed, design approved, and endorsed by Volkswagen, these fashionable bags keep everything you could want or need while traveling handy at a moment’s notice. The Monster Factory Wash Bag VW Beetle is comes in a vibrant orange color, whereas the VW Camper Van wash bags feature either a beautifully bright blue or bold cherry red design. Check out the attention to detail — from the sheen on the tires to the..

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Hello everyone! July opened a really nice summer season for all of us here. I hope you’re enjoying basking under the warm summer sun, eating popsicles and running to the beach as the waves splashed to and fro. This week, we’re talking all about summer; gifts, recipes, and more. We want this blog to be something more than an update log, but a place for inspiration you can go to when you need it! Speaking of inspiration, one of things that sparks our creativity is the lovely pins on Pinterest. Yep, you heard it right! Karma Kiss is on Pinterest! And if you have an account there, we’d love for you to follow. Why? Well, we’ve got a few reasons why you should: You get to see the latest Karma Kiss products! We love to pin. And we pin them..

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Every parent wants nothing but the best for their kids. That’s why here on Karma Kiss, we only give you the best products imbibed with fun, function and versatility you can purchase for your child. We think just like a parent in wanting to offer only excellent clothing and accessory options for the kids. The products we feature are all handpicked and chosen carefully for being useful to each of our customers, as well as being safe and environment-friendly. Stacked new this week are fresh arrivals from our hand-picking adventure, and there’s a lot of things you can give out to your little prince and princesses! It’s my pleasure to give you a little tour of what’s new in for you, so check out our fresh featured products below! Bright Tights! We’ve found a lovely collection of Organic Toddler Tights..

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Greeting you with the warmest, loveliest kiss as Summer arrives just in time to blow the nostalgic air of Spring. Oh, the beaches you will go! The barbecues you will eat! The fun times drenched under the mid day sun, giving you that long-lost tan you have been yearning for! This year, may your summer season be filled with lots of friendly embraces, pleasurable moments and wonderful travels. Step into the new soil, see new communities, meet new people, and uncover many opportunities for your life to achieve! Or make the best of each minute with your family and friends, discovering new things about them, and your self as well. May your first day of summer spark that desire to become a better version of  who you are. All the best, The Karma Kiss Team

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Every week is a surprise here on Karma Kiss. We’re constantly adding new stuffs on our shelves, discovering unique and gifty items you can give to your loved one, or to yourself. There’s no greater pleasure in finding something functional and fun for you and your family to enjoy. We did all the search for you and compiled everything in one charming online store where you can constantly see a product that will pull a tug on your heartstrings. And just now, we’ve made exciting deals to whet your creative appetite. Our collection of paper goods from Paper Cat is now available in our Weekly Deals Page, allowing you to purchase products with upto 52% discount! Now, that’s a whopping price for deal! Share it with your kids as a learning lesson in improving their imagination! With this league of..

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