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You know the old saying – a picture is worth a thousand words? So, how many words is an interactive 3D tour of our cool new store in Alameda, CA worth? Must be a gazillion, right? Thanks to the amazing Emily Olman from Hopscotch Interactive (you can find them on Facebook or at @hopscotch_biz on Twitter), you can now tour our Alameda store and tell us how you like (or not so much) it, give us some feedback, and also find ideas for unique gifts without getting out of your cozy warm house. Share your thoughts with us: Twitter: @krmkss Facebook: or email: Here it is, enjoy:

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We are happy to announce the grand opening of our first physical, bricks and mortar location in the South Shore Shopping Center in Alameda, CA. By opening the store in Alameda we aim to bring our  offering of unique, whimsical gift items at reasonable prices to a retail shopping experience with our “all gifty things imagined” motto boutique. We looked for a thriving retail location in the East Bay to open our Karma Kiss boutique, and the South Shore Center in Alameda was the outstanding choice. We have received such a warm welcome from the other merchants; it’s a great community. Local customers already love Karma Kiss’ blend of humor, trends, and design flair at affordable prices. From “Lumberjack Mustache Flasks” to “Unicorn Snot Glitter Gel”, buyers will find something unique that will make their gift recipient smile. “Their products are fun and clever. I immediately thought..

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While you see us work and promote with our blog and social media accounts, we’d like to share you some of the things we’ve been doing offline. Karma Kiss was among the hundreds of exhibitors in Germany’s Ambiente Messe, an amazing event featuring international brands selling novelties and consumer goods. There’s more than 4,600 exhibitors from 80 different countries gathering in the event, making this one of the largest consumer exhibits in Europe. Of course, the Karma Kiss team prepared for this event grandly. We whipped out columns of novelties and curiosities sold in our store! We wanted the guests to walk inside out museum of quirky, witty and decorative products that they wouldn’t see anywhere else. If you have been at Ambiente Messe and have visited our booth, we’d like to hear from you! You can tell us about..

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A few weeks back we got this request from Alamos Elementary School in Murrieta, CA – they asked that we donate our super-popular Dinosaur Chalkboard to help their children in a reading contest. We immediately agreed. How could we say no… Today, we received this super-cute Thank You Note from Emma: Emma – You made us smile today We were thrilled to get your note and hope you and your friends a great year of learning, drawing and just having fun!

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A Karma Kiss item just nibbled its way into the popular home and living female-oriented magazine, Woman’s Day. And look, it’s perfect for Autumn too! Nothing beats the joy of writing than having the perfect pal to go with it. The Squirrel Pen Pal is a nifty little friend who will dribble away with you, no matter what time or place it is. All it needs is a little acorn to keep it happy for the rest of the day. And how adorable it looks sitting on your desk while waiting for you to pick it up and write something with it!   This perky little pen comes in gray and orange colors. Lift up its tail from the base and reveal the pen. Or have fun with it as a little toy you and your kid can play squirrel..

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Here in the Karma Kiss Social Board, we’re featuring media, comments and reviews how our customers enjoyed their Karma Kiss items. There has been a lot of talk and babble about Karma Kiss products that we simply want to share them with you! If you are buying for some time, or if you want to get convinced at buying some of our amazing products, this is a great resource to go! From Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube, you’ll discover dozens of remarks left by our fans for you to see. So what do our customers say about Karma Kiss? If you’re curious, we’re inviting you to go ahead and visit our Social Board in our What’s Up Tab. We’ve also thrown in product videos and inspiring quotes to keep you feeling nice and pleasant! This place is a perfect..

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Since its inception in 1991, Karma Kiss flourished as a one stop boutique of inspiring and unique pieces which are created to perk up anyone’s curiosity and delight.  It is nurtured by the creators of Streamline Inc, right within the thriving creative heart of New York City. From its beginning, Karma Kiss made waves with its Bubble Watches™ and Blowfish Alarm Clocks. At this very moment, the store continually replenishes its digital shop with various unique finds, curated for the savvy and stylish customers who seek novel and genuine ideas. Karma Kiss isn’t just your ordinary store—our products have been featured in many noteworthy Hollywood films including Little Miss Sunshine and Twilight. We also have our items published on popular magazines such as Rachel Ray, New York Times and O Magazine. Wondering what do customers and fans say about Karma..

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