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Every parent wants nothing but the best for their kids. That’s why here on Karma Kiss, we only give you the best products imbibed with fun, function and versatility you can purchase for your child. We think just like a parent in wanting to offer only excellent clothing and accessory options for the kids. The products we feature are all handpicked and chosen carefully for being useful to each of our customers, as well as being safe and environment-friendly. Stacked new this week are fresh arrivals from our hand-picking adventure, and there’s a lot of things you can give out to your little prince and princesses! It’s my pleasure to give you a little tour of what’s new in for you, so check out our fresh featured products below! Bright Tights! We’ve found a lovely collection of Organic Toddler Tights..

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Kits are important because they serve as a handy storage of tool necessary to make our lives more convenient. You know, like those first-aid kits we grab whenever our little tots encounter a bad boo-boo, or those medicine kits where you hide your most-trusted paracetamol and anti-flu chewables to keep sickness at bay. We’ve got a lot more of these kits in the house; a tool kit for the dads and a little sewing kit for the girls. But how about mom? If she had a kit, what would it contain? Karma Kiss gives you a peek of what’s inside the Mommy’s Magic Kit. In this product, moms could trust on handy tools to keep their children happy, busy and comfortable. Some of the tools are: A disposable bib, whenever the baby burps and barfs A disposable place mat to..

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Let your child look dapper and dandy with this collection of bodysuits from Little Lark Infant. These little white one pieces are far more than your child’s basic clothing; it also marks their first step on becoming cool! You can’t go wrong with the charming, groovy prints and the super-soft fabric. Once you see and feel one of these bodysuits, you won’t want to put anything else on your baby!

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