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There’s something special about taking the time to sit down to a meal together with friends and family. In the over-scheduled world we tend to live in, those moments are priceless. Of course, that doesn’t mean dinnertime is magically fun–sometimes it needs a little help, whether it’s for the kids in your life, the adults, or those who seem to be caught in-between! Wild Side Make a statement about your wild side with Wild Dining Party Animal Party Plates. You’re bound to get a good chuckle from the dolled up Baby Seal, Baby Deer, and Patricia Panda photos on these fun party plates. Rocket…Fork? It might not be the first thing you think of when you think of utensils, but the Petits Et Maman Rocket Spoon & Fork set might be the perfect addition for the little ones–or not so little ones–in..

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We love grandma and grandpa at Karmakiss! In honor of Grandparents Day on 9/13, we have prepared a gift shopping list just for you, of 13 grandparent gifty items! Our Wise ol’ Timer Granny and Gramps are the perfect option for grandparents to time a cup of tea or anticipate their next grandchild visit! Designed to look like the wise old version of grandparents, these timers have a whimsical, fun look that would look adorable in grandma’s kitchen.                                                                           Steeping a good cup of tea is just more fun with the Tea Infuser Mister Tea that features a relaxing mister waiting for his tea to..

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Summer boredom is the kiss of pain for moms. When my kids start complaining that they are bored, I encourage them to read, play or do chores before they even say the dreaded three words: “I Am Bored.” To combat summer boredom in the three categories of read, play, chores; these nine KarmaKiss options are the first line of kid defense against boredom. 1. When fireflies dance outside, late night Summer reading takes place inside. Reading under the covers is even more fun when kids use the Melissa & Doug Flashlight Bibi Bee to illuminate everything from Harry Potter to the Magic Treehouse series. 2. Say Hello to the Hello Books Robot Mission DIY Book Kit and introduce fun creativity to Summer afternoons when the rain comes.   3. My kids spend a lot of time on the computer playing..

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Babies come by stork. The best gifts in the world come by owl – KarmaKiss Gifting Owl that is. Online shoppers at can get a box of gifts magically transported through the mail. My KarmaKiss Gifting Owl did a special makeover on gifts for everyone in my family (including me) from the practical to the artistic. Loose plastic knives and forks and spoons…In my house, they look like a jumbled mess in my kid-styled kitchen. The KarmaKiss Gifting Owl decided to show me the stylish way to store fruit in my kitchen while offering up a modern art arrangement of the dreaded scattered silverware. The Utensil Fruit Bowl is that special bowl that I didn’t know I wanted. It is a little like a Picasso for the modern mom. Metal silverware melds together in a delicate, yet sturdy way..

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In an election month, all adult eyes turn towards the President and the elections taking place. In the forties, Teddy Roosevelt changed that focus for the eyes of children to be on the stuffed teddy bear name in his honor. On November 19th, we celebrate Have a Party With Your Bear Day. What better way to get away from all the politics of the world than to have a picnic or tea party with a soft, cuddly friend? Play the Bear Card Before you can Have a Party With Your Bear Party, you need to have the perfect card for your guests (bear or otherwise). What better card to bring some silliness to a Wednesday than a Calypso Cards Ten Pounds Younger Card card? You can read it to yourself after you dine on biscuits and tea or Hershey Bars..

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Be kind, rewind. While the familiar 90’s video store slogan is technologically out of date, being kind never goes out of style. On November 13th, celebrate World Kindness Day. A little pay it forward never hurt anyone and it was always nice to have a rewound VCR tape. To help remind you to be kind on World Kindness Day, we suggest a little shopping. For the person who has everything For the person who has everything “kind”, leave the Kindness & Compassion Greeting Card, Necklace & Charm in their mailbox. A 14K gold-plated charm necklace combined with a card expressing the sentiment of “Kindness & Compassion – These are the gifts you share with the world. Thank you”. For the Eco-Friendly friends For friends that are kind to the environment, the Thank You Card – Green Owl is the perfect way to..

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Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to gather, feast, and be thankful for each other’s company. It’s also a time when the host putting on Thanksgiving dinner could go a little cuckoo from the planning, table setting, cooking, entertaining and beyond! Relieve some of that holiday stress by bringing over the perfect gift for your Thanksgiving host. They’ll be so excited to get these gifts, they may just be tempted to whip up another pumpkin pie — and that’s a win-win for everyone! Before Thanksgiving Dinner Begins Chances are there’ll be some kind of cocktail hour before Thanksgiving dinner is served. Help them out by giving the BAR10DER All-in-One Home Bartending Tool, which covers every alcoholic base you could want covered. Peel a twist in a martini, muddle the right herbs, squeeze out fresh juice, uncork a dazzling..

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Another great holiday is upon us! No, it’s not Thanksgiving. It’s Sandwich day! Celebrated November 3rd, sandwich day is the perfect moment to celebrate your love for all food thats made with two slices of bread. There are some great ways you can embrace the day! 1. Try an Experimental Recipe Sandwiches are so much fun because you can literally put anything you’d like on them! People experiment all the time with sandwich recipes. Every thought of adding sauerkraut to a chicken sandwich? Or maybe you want to mix tofu and roast beef! Whatever it is that sounds delicious to you, today is the day to give it a try. The worst that happens is you don’t like it, the best thing that happens is you LOVE it! Who knows, maybe your new recipe could be the next big thing?..

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Let’s be honest about it. When Thanksgiving rolls around, how many of us are reflective of the reasons that this honored day is celebrated? Sure, we enjoy the turkey, the football games and even the company of our loved ones. But in addition to the revelry, this celebration is also about being appreciative (thankful!) of the blessings in our lives. With this, when you think about it, one of the best ways you can show your thankfulness, especially towards loved ones, is with a small gift of some kind. While Christmas and birthdays are more readily associated with gift giving, there is no reason that Thanksgiving has to be an exception to the rule. As such, here are a few gifting tips that will make the occasion a successful one. Gift cards A gift doesn’t have to be elaborate. A..

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